My name is Finu Iype. I recently graduated with my bachelors in theology from the Canada Christian College, Toronto. At one point in my life, I was hopelessly sick, looking down the long, narrow, dark tunnel of death. My life was going nowhere, in fact it almost seemed like it was just going- going away. Here’s my story.

Born and raised in a Christian born-again family, I was introduced to Jesus at a very young age. I had heard right from childhood who He was and what he had done. My superman as I would have thought of him at the time was this mystical character who lived two thousands years ago and was at the time able to pull off amazing feats that defied human logic & reasoning. His life was the epitome of love and kindness, mercy and truth, hope and victory. And yet I struggled.

I struggled with the fact that this character, as amazing as he was, did not necessarily seem to be doing too much today. Where were the days of the blind seeing, the lame walking and the deaf hearing? I had never seen water turn to wine nor had I witnessed anyone walking on water. If all this was limited only to the past, why make such a big deal about it today? I pondered on a lot of such questions, but never knew the answer to them. But one thing I did know was that everyone was expecting, expecting that He would do what He did then, right here and now.

Are you waiting on God to do the impossible on your behalf? Do you long for when Lord of creation, the ruler of all living would answer your petitions? Are you searching for the God of the Bible who will fight the battle for you? Then I am saying to you my friend, He is here, He is now and His has all the power both in heaven and on earth. Read on.

I had just graduated from high school in March of 2002.  Two weeks after I was done my final exams, I began to notice my skin break out in places. What seemed like a mild rash at first, quickly developed into severe swelling with puss oozing from the open sores.

In a matter of few weeks, the sores had spread all over my arms and the sides of my chest and inner thighs. I knew that something was terribly wrong. I began to seek the Lord’s face. While in prayer the Lord told me that this sickness was an attack against my ministry, in order to discourage me from what he wanted to do through my life. He also promised that He would heal me. Trusting on His word and desiring to see all glory go to God alone, I decided that I would not consult any physicians, but would rather trust in the Master Physician for my healing (A few months prior I had received a miraculous healing where the doctors had given up on me.
Having experienced this supernatural touch I was convinced that God could do the impossible).

In a couple of months the disease had spread and my body became an ugly mess. I could not stretch my hands because of the swelling on my elbows; I experienced great pain most of the time and eventually could not wear clothes on my body because of the constant oozing of pus and blood.

I would wake up daily to the horrifying sight of my bed sheets covered in blood and puss, and very often, the sheets would be stuck to my skin due to the dried puss. My bed sheets went right into disinfectant. The stench of my infected skin was most unbearable. I was called a fool for my decision to only trust in God, people ridiculed the fact that I was solely dependent on God’s word for my healing, and it was beyond their comprehension that God would heal me. Nobody believed I would be healed.

Most who discouraged me from my decision against medication, did so simply because they loved me and could not bear to see my body in such a condition, knowing that I was in excruciating pain 24/7. Even I myself can’t explain how I made it through those days except to say that I knew that Jesus had spoken to me and I trusted his word that He would heal me. After all I argued, how could I preach Jesus if I had not myself experienced him beyond a shadow of doubt.

Very soon my parents asked me to leave to India. Both of them working full time jobs in the Middle East had found it impossible to care for me and so I was to fly to India and live with my grandmother. Everyone in my homeland – grandparents, relatives etc. tried to talk ‘sense’ into me, saying that it was not a sin to consult a physician and that God would work through medications.

Confusingly for them, I did affirm that God was not against doctors or medicines, but stated my belief that in this instance God would do a miracle for me as He had promised. And yet there were times where I did doubt myself and God. For instance some days I would awake to the horrifying sight of ants all over my body eating away at my skin. Times like those were extremely hard to endure, but it was never my strength, but the grace of God alone.

After six months in India, I traveled back to Bahrain. I arrived worse than I had left. The disease had spread to my ankles and now I could not walk. Even standing for half a minute was excruciatingly painful. The most I could manage was getting to the washroom, and that too limping. Everyone around me was in despair, especially my family. But I continued to trust in the Lord.

At times when my family would leave to church and I would remain by myself at home, lying in bed, I would break down crying asking God why I had to endure so much pain. Then the Lord would speak to me as he did once in a vision where I saw myself walking past desperately sick people and as I looked into their eyes, it seemed as though they knew that I had the answer to their sickness. God would say it is so that I can take you to those who are sick and dying that you have to first endure this. Through confirmations such as these God would build my faith.

At times, again when everyone would leave for a church service or the like, I would play songs of healing (I am the God that Healeth thee) on tape and then walking, no,  limping across my living room with my hands raised as high as I could raise them (not much due to the extreme swelling) I would declare that I was healed, that I would one day take the healing power of God to the nations of this world, all while I was experiencing throbs of excruciating pain, as puss oozed through the sores on my body.

But during the month of November, the Lord spoke to me and said that he would heal me completely in a month’s time. I was excited and continued waiting on the Lord. In about a month’s time, a man of God came to our home to hold a prayer meeting. After his message, he asked to pray for me (I was in my bedroom as again I could not wear clothes over the affected areas of my body). He laid his hands on me and I felt like a million volts of current went right through my body and in that instant I knew it! I was healed! That very second! The Almighty had healed me!

Soon after the scales fell off of my skin and I was totally healed. Praise be to God! He is alive! He lives! He performs wonders! In all of this, my most sought desire was fulfilled to see Jesus get all the glory and praise for my healing.

Attempting Great things for God, Expecting Great things from God.

Passion To Reach Ministries