'LOOKING FOR DIRECTIONS - towards an Asian Spirituality' is our new book written specifically for young (Diaspora) Asians, as well as those who want to reach and understand them. It presents the Gospel in a way that addresses some of the misconceptions and questions that young Asians may have and also provides questions for further group or individual study.  
If 'Desi' may be cool,but it can also be confusing. Young Diaspora Asians live in multiple worlds …Paradoxically, however much they rebel against their parents' world ('back home' – wherever that is), as they follow their parents into work, marriage, parenthood, many find themselves drawn back into that world. Roots do matter, after all. But it 's not just roots in the sub-continent. It 's more fundamental than that. Where do we all come from? And where are we going? Is there a purpose in life? How do we 'connect' with that purpose and with whatever power or will lies behind it?

Which way do we look? Which spirituality do we choose?
Looking for Directions
asks some of the 'big ' questions of life. It offers a perspective but allows you to learn for yourself and form your own judgement and response. What is important is that each of us learns to test and evaluate the spiritual for ourselves. We need a mature response: neither gullible -accepting everything uncritically; nor sceptical - rejecting the spiritual because we are so bound up with material things.
The books will retail at £5.00/US$8.50 each plus postage and packing. Payments in sterling should be made to 'South Asian Concern' and sent to South Asian Concern, PO Box 43, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5WL, UK