My mother is the first one who came to know Jesus Christ. My parents came from mixed backgrounds and this fed various differences. After two daughters, my father threatened to separate from my mother if she didn't give birth to a son. This greatly troubled my mother. Her father introduced her to and told her to read the Gita for answers and solace.

But she ultimately found peace in the Bible,  with its many promises of sons to mothers like Sarah. My mother believed Jesus could answer her prayers; she promised to dedicate her son to God if Jesus answered her prayers. My birth was the answer to that prayer.

I grew up in Kuwait. There, influenced by my maternal grandfather's beliefs, I shunned Christianity and Christians for Hinduism. But while I was initially fascinated by Hindu mythology, I eventually realized that there was little love (in North Indian society); the majority of Hindus there being North Indians. I felt that I was treated badly as a dark skinned South Indian. I was called such derogatory names like kaloo, blackie and madrasi.
I got along better with my Arab and Pakistani friends, who introduced me to Islam. One day I prayed for God to reveal the one true religion. In my dream, I was shown Islam and thus began to believe in the Muslim faith. At times, I fasted at Ramadan, prayed five times a day and went to the local mosque.
Cult of Darkness, Heavy Metal & Violence
At different stages of my youth, I followed Hinduism, Islam and a cult, some of whose main members worshipped Satan. Suffice it to say, I mixed with bad company there and became very violent. So, my parents took me to India under the pretext of a visit but actually used the trip to put me into a hostel. It was like a prison for me. I lost all my friends and was in a new world that I could not relate to. This only depressed me further and made me more violent.

My affinity for heavy metal music further darkened me: I could hear sublimal messages in the music.I even went out to the woods at night to connect with spirits. In school, I ended becoming the school bully. I was kicked out of school many times. I had become a nightmare to my family, school and most people I came into contact with.
Atheism to Christ
In the end I was confused and lacking answers; it led me to conclude that there was no God. But then one day, I fell off my bicycle and a miracle occurred. My head landed under a car; I saw the underbelly of the car--but the wheel did not run over my head! I believed that God had saved my life. This turned me back to believing in a God, but I still doubted the divinity of Christ, largely due to my Muslim background.

Things got worse at first. It didn't look like my marriage was working out, and I considered a separation. In my time of deepest  darkness, an Indian Christian preacher visited me, telling me God had sent him. He shared his testimony and told me the solution for Karma is Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice for sins. It was a simple message that had a profound effect on me: I didn't think there was anything I could do to atone for my sins. So I accepted Christ and gave my life to him.

I got baptized the next week on my 30th birthday. Three years later my wife Vani and I have grown in the Word and continue to serve the Lord as one of the founders of the Boston Tamil Church. With the favor of the LORD, I become the Founder/Editor of (South Asian Fellowship of New England region), something I do in addition to my job as a software engineer and being a father to four wonderful children.

All Glory to God, the Worthy master of an unworthy servant !