Abraham’s Journey to Christ
The evolution and climax of the Jew
All writing, paintings, sketches, maps by Larry James

TITLE        : Abraham’s Journey to Christ © Larry James, 2005
Publisher    : Flame of the Forest Publishing Pte Ltd
Size        : 225mm X 280 mm (portrait)
Pages        : 198 (w/script, 139 digital-scanned oil paintings, 1 pencil sketch, 3 maps)
Binding    : Thread-sewn, hard cover
Retail Price    : S$50.00 per copy (ISBN 891-3056-83-5)

   : This book is dedicated to a Jew who ceased to be one when he became Christ.  Also to my Faith-filled wife Evon, my kids Zion, Love & Trinity for journeying with me. But above all to God my Father, Savior and friend

The Author’s word
Abraham’s Journey to Christ documents the history of God, man and creation according to the Bible. It outlines the original plan of God, the fall, redemption and eternity. Issues that question the mind and spirit of man are met here if only one has faith to believe. Faith is intellectual and Abraham, the biblical patriarch, characterized that faith.

Man, for example, is not a by-product of a random spark that fused and multiplied and eventually had him walking upright. Man was created in the image of God. The Big Bang & Darwinism refuted, creationism reaffirmed, GOD is here. As for the Jews, they’re still here too. Ever wondered why? Some have prevailed in their age-old traditions while others have culminated with the new. I am one. Abraham’s Journey to Christ challenges you likewise.

Why this endeavor? Abraham’s Journey to Christ emerged from a seed-thought to do something for the love of Israel: its land, its history, its people, its God, my God. The idea pitted itself against my own doubts stemming from an informal learning in art, history, theology and the relevant sciences. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, this is where my personal relationship with God calls for faith, trust and obedience.

But what I envisioned as a few months work stretched to two full years. In the process, it became evident that what mattered more than talent was character. Character that embodies faith, discipline and diligence, without the assurance of money or anyone looking over one’s shoulder, will transform a dreamer into a doer. The experiential process in producing this book has therefore entrenched me deeper in God. I, for one, am all the more indebted to the forbears of my Judeo-Christian roots. To all the unsung heroes then, thank you. Shalom.

Abraham’s Journey to Christ serves as an evangelical tool for Christians; reason being that its major theme stresses the fact that all “the Law and the Prophets” that is the Old Testament culminated in Christ Jesus. 35 paintings alone accompany the segment on the Gospel.

Therefore, should you need a gift for a friend, a loved one, an associate or a superior, a student or a lecturer, I humbly ask you to consider this book as a potential gift for someone dear since it speaks volumes through words and pictures despite its academic slant. Your purchase will indeed help. And even though the book is available at selected bookstores, you may purchase it from me as well and have the advantage of having the author to sign as requested.

In addition, you could allow me opportunities and referrals wherein I could convey God’s work. These may take the form of church meetings, cell meetings, secular meetings, etc. Finally, please uphold my family in prayer as we, like you, work to glorify God in diverse manners. Thank you & God bless you.

Foreword by Rev. Ang Cheng Kiat (dated 1 October 2005): This insightful book has been a result of many long hours of prayer and love Larry has for God and His people. This book will help you understand the plan and the heartbeat of God for Israel. It will help us appreciate the Bible and its message. I do recommend this book as a good resource for your understanding of the word of God, the Bible.

Foreword By Dr. Quek Swee Hwa (dated 7 October 2005): Larry’s paintings have an ethereal quality that enriches the book that he has painstakingly laboured over the years. They are daring, evocative and present his point of view in an unique way. His pictorial sketch of Abraham’s life, with snatches of information to give substance to his presentation carefully traces the spiritual journey Abraham took. I commend this book to all and hope that this book will thrill, inform, and bless all who use it.
Dr.Quek Swee Hwa, Dean
Biblical Graduate School of Theology

About the Author
Essentially a layman with an academic slant, Larry James is a self-taught artist and writer who is impelled toward his vision and goals if only within the limits of his office or ‘calling.’ Abraham's Journey to Christ is the sole work of the Author. Therefore the script retains its originality: pure, raw and unedited by anybody. This serves to underscore his academic thrust for specific goals. Larry resides in Singapore with his wife and four children.

In 2006, Larry contributed 20 fresh paintings to the Bible Society of Singapore. The paintings interpret the theme ‘Christ in the Ark of Redemption’ and feature the artist’s perspective of God’s redemptive process culminating in Christ. The funds generated from these sales will be used to aid bible-distribution efforts in Cambodia. Samples of these works can be viewed at www.bible.org.sg
Ode to the Fathers

GOD broke the silence and spoke into your heart
Your search for Truth was strangely met
So you sent the old asunder and waded through the new
Knowing little of a perennial wander

In the land that would one day be called your own
You spilled the truth that wrestled within your bosom
Someone heard, another believed and handed down the tradition
Which also came to me and I, too, believed

But how could I, a Gentile man of Indian import and Christ in me, come to despise you?
No, my fathers, deem me a curse and I’m still a figment of your creed: A heathen seed
So brave and strong, not knowing what’s right from wrong or what awaits the end
‘Til news spilled from the desert, a nomad’s tale perhaps

Of one who dared forsake his gods and pleasure for just a simple faith
Wherein lies our treasure: “Hear O Israel, the LORD your God, the LORD is one”
So now, I hear my God’s a Semite, and still, a God of love
He made me think, gave me a robe, a wedding ring, a culture to replace shame, a hope,
A drive, a cherished name, and soon, I’ll hear the angels sing!

Yes I believe in Adam, old Moses and his Law
The covenants, prophets, kings and Nation, The Land, the Temple and its fall
I believe the Hebrews engendered the perpetual Jew: Of cheats, saints and apostate Intellectually-subversive, these noble laureates are not a few
And though they wrangled, fought and perished and bequeathed the unlikely Messiah

Their sin, their kin, their very skin, their blood secured my righteousness
Or else God damn you
So because of Jesus the so-called Christ: the Semitic God who embraced the Gentiles
Of Adam and Noah and that whimsical Ark there is no denial

Even the Devil’s schemes make simple sense! Not that I can comprehend
But the Spirit that seizes the inner man wills me to understand Zion
The Holocaust, the Road Map…
The truth is as clear as the skies above
Larry James has donated 20 of his paintings worth S$40000.00 for the Kampuchean Bible cause to translate and print the bibles in its native script. This is in partnership with The Bible Society of Singapore, a 200-year old mission organization steered by leaders of the Church & theological institutions in Singapore. To view the  paintings, Click Here. 

Click here to view more of Larry James paintings with side notes and explainations for each drawings. To contact Larry James, please email  larryevon@pacific.net.sg.

©Larry James October 2005