I believe that women are created with a specific purpose and God loves us. Picture this- think of the creation story, our God puts Adam to sleep and takes his rib. While God was walking away into His lab to create Eve, I believe He had a specific purpose in mind. I am going to share a few empowering thoughts I had about God in my spiritual journey. I had many “God moments.”  God moments are the times you hear from God and get a revelation either during church worship, a sermon, my own personal devotions or even dreams or visions. It really hit me when one day during a worship service, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Young lady, you are called and anointed, I have a plan and purpose for you…”

Why did God create women? There is a joke that goes, “God created man and then realized that man cannot make it on earth on his own and so he created woman.”

Men and women are designed so that we can work together for God’s kingdom and together glorify God. Ever heard the cliché “behind every great man is a great woman.” A newly married man in our church was telling us, “you know, whenever I am around my wife, I just feel like being a better man. For some reason, whenever she’s around I am more organized and motivated.” In marriage, there is a godly purpose for the wives. Throughout history the fallen world we live in (and chauvinism) has twisted that role into a lesser role of secretary, servant, or in some countries only as the provider of babies. That is not what God has originally designed.

There is a purpose for single women too. I do not need to wait till I am married or be the wife of a leader before I can be influential. Today, I see my peers who are also young unmarried women take leadership roles and influence others as part of God’s purposed. I admire and am inspired by Amy Carmichael, Mother Teresa and Elisabeth Elliot.

How many world missionaries were women? On the other hand, in order to make a difference in the world, it is not necessary for the world to know your name. Susannah Wesley was not a preacher but was a godly woman that raised her children John and Charles in the ways of God. These boys grew up to be revivalists in England.

Femininity is not a weakness: Notice that femininity is not a weakness or anything lesser than masculinity. God’s ways do not lower the status of women only humanistic cultures and traditions of the world have. This even includes nominal Christians or those who take the name of Christ without having a true understanding or revelation of Jesus Christ or His kingdom ways. These “Christians” have followed the worldly ways instead of Christ’s ways.

Another misconception is that femininity is a weakness. Femininity does not mean being passive, weak and taking nonsense from others. Femininity is a special calling. If we realize God’s blessing of femininity it can be a woman’s greatest strength.

From my own observations, women tend to be more sensitive and receptive to the needs to others, tend to identify the hurting persons. In the context of the church will defend the weakest and youngest sheep like how a mother bear would defend her cubs. And notice how our female bodies are made to bring life and nurture it. In the spiritual context, our actions, words and attitudes should reflect that design. With this in mind, we should not gossip and tear people apart but rather speak the truth and wisdom in love and encourage others.

Intrigue of the Proverbs 31 Woman: The Proverbs 31’s virtuous woman is something that has intrigued me. I am hearing what the Father in heaven has to say to His daughters of Christ. If we trust God and let Him transform our soul and spirit deep within, we will be more confident and at peace. And the results will be beautiful.

Too young, to be able to do anything: There were times in my life when I felt the urge and desire to do awesome things for God but felt I didn’t know the Bible as well as I should. I have felt powerless. I am too young and too inexperienced to make a difference. Yes, there is a time and place for everything. The things I dream of doing takes time so that I can grow and become better. Now as a college student, I need to live my life to the fullest. I am seeking opportunities to be an influence, make friends and be good at school because I believe God will use it. I do not need to have a title in order to influence others or be a godly person.

Supposed empowerment: The world has never been empowering to women. The media is the worst and reflective of this. I remember watching the Bollywood films of the 80’s. I hated these movies because the harassment of women (otherwise known as eve teasing) and even rape scenes were glorified. Even today, I am not seeing much of an improvement. And in the West, the media isn’t much better either. The chauvinistic message of the media is very clear – that women are less of a person and our purpose is to be sexual objects. Our mind, intelligence and contributions to society are not as important as sexual prowess.

Even in real life I am seeing girls who demean themselves by dressing scantily, talking nonsense, indulging in immoral acts and acting in a way to impress jerks that have no respect for women. Worst of all, these girls think it’s empowering. But that ‘empowerment’ is only dependent on sexual prowess and not character, personality and anything else. How sad to be deceived at such a level?

Today, the quality of life has improved for women since a few centuries’ years ago after modernization and feminist movements. I am thankful for this because I have more opportunities than my grandmother. After all this, why do women not value themselves or not have a high self-esteem as much as they should?

The reason is because these women do not know God or have a complete understanding of how God created and views them. Knowing this liberating truth will set you free. The inequalities, injustice and lack of respect for women in the world exist because the world is a fallen world. And, Satan, our enemy “kills, steals and destroys.” Even Satan knows that God has a special calling and anointing on women, and he seeks to take it away. As Christian women, we need to understand who we are in Christ, stand up and glorify God in all we do. And, God can use us to be agents who change the world to bring glory to His name.