As a believer of true love and a lover of life, I perceive copulation as a holy and a sacred act. It is a God glorifying act that celebrates the covenant of marriage which is the physical and spiritual union of two monogamous individuals. It is a pure and powerful act that strengthens the relationship and it is well known among married couples that a good sex life is essential for a healthy relationship that is edifying to the two individuals. Sex is the act that consummates the marriage. It unites and cleaves the two individuals together that they shall metaphysically become one flesh.

Natural sex is a wholesome act that celebrates the Covenant of Marriage. The physical aspect of the Covenant of Marriage refers to the commitment between a husband and his wife to be faithful to each other to death doth them apart. The spiritual aspect of the Covenant refers to the deep devotion and the affection married couples feel for each other. The act of Sex is the embodiment of the Covenant of marriage and each time it is performed it reinforces the physical and spiritual union of love of the monogamous couple.

A good example that parallels and shows the sacredness, holiness and purity of Sex is the partaking of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. The act of partaking the Holy Communion is to reinforce and remember the New Covenant of Christ. The New Covenant of Christ refers to the commitment between God and Christians to have a deep faithful relationship that is actually similar to the relationship of a husband and wife.

These two covenants parallel because both acts, Holy Communion and Sex reinforce and brings to remembrance the New Covenant of Christ and the Covenant of Marriage. Both acts are also ordained and encouraged by God. The first commandment in the monotheistic faiths is to “be fruitful” thereby encouraging people to copulate and the Divine Christ told his disciples at the last supper “to do this (Holy Communion) as often as possible”. Sex is thus, a holy and sacred act since it parallels one of the most sacred sacraments in Christendom.

Sex is vital and essential for a healthy marriage and it is edifying to the individuals. Coition is a transcendental experience and over a period of time, married couples who engage in coition frequently become more emotionally drawn to each other. This is because of the power of the many sacred moments they shared together. The private moments shared by married couples enable them to know each other in a deep reflective way no other person can.

It can be said that the physical intimacy later becomes translated into an emotional and spiritual intimacy. Many mature couples would agree that the deep close relationship that is developed through time and with much communication will enable the individuals to dialectically comprehend what he or she is or is not as an individual. Benny Hinn once said that “our spouses are the best judge of what we are and what we are not”. The experience of healthy coition as the union of love also highlights that love is about communion and is never independent. It has been written in many magazines and mature married couples would certainly testify that the best love making experience is when both partners desire to give more.

Thus, in intercourse, the more you give the more satisfaction is derived. This act certainly shows that in relationship “it is always better to give than to receive” and this act of giving is the epitome of relationship which should be exercised in other areas outside the confines of the bed and in our perspective of our relationship with people around us. Sex also edifies the married couple when they practice a lifestyle known as a ‘sex diet’. A sex diet  utilizes all the health benefits of regular sex and it is
scientifically proven they are least likely to suffer from depression because the act of sex releases a pleasure hormone in the brain called ‘endomorphines’.

Immunity is also boosted and sex also promotes exercise therefore it encourages weight lost and it improves cardiac health. Research also shows that married couples who are more intimate have a longer lifespan. A healthy sex life does not only make one physically healthy but it enables one to learn through the experience about each other in a deep way and it also changes the perspective of our relationship with other

In ancient days, it was a strong social norm to get married. Marriage was not only seen as a necessity to a man but it was attributed to the completion of his manhood, and in particular the act of consummation. The act of consummation is seen as the completed and accomplished union of a man and women in matrimony in one flesh. It is no wonder that the Latin origin of the meaning of the word ‘consummation’ from the Latin word ‘consummat’means to “brought to completion” and, from the verb of ‘consummat’ , the
word ‘consummare’ deconstructed  would be broken down to ‘con-’ and ‘summa’
which means “altogether” and “sum total” respectively.

It is also interesting to note that the feminine of ‘summa’ is ‘summus’ and it means “highest, supreme”. We can see from the origin and the ‘logos’ of the word consummation that it certainly involves a transcendental union. St Paul of Tarsus in his Epistle to the church at Ephesus even paralleled the union of a husband and wife to the hypostatical union between God and Jesus Christ. This certainly shows us that sex is the consummating act that ushers in and binds the two individuals into hypostatically one flesh.

Untainted healthy sex is indeed beautiful, prosperous and lovely. The last  and most beautiful part of sex is that it so beautiful, divine and powerful that when it is performed it has the potential for glorious creation.