By the grace of God I had the privilege to be born into a Bible believing family. Both of my parents had already made a decision to choose heaven over hell. They knew they would spend their eternity in heaven.

But as I grew up going to church and reading the bible I was not too aware of the fact that I too had to choose for myself where I would spend my eternity. But at the age of seven, be it by divine providence, I happened to attend a V.B.S (Vacation Bible School) meeting. There I was told that my eternity was based on ‘my’ decision. I found out that heaven or hell was for me to choose. From the moment I knew it all depended on my choice, I was restless, I felt the void, the emptiness, the lack of hope and I began to ponder upon my eternity. I was then given a booklet explaining how I could choose heaven. And the evening I received the booklet I felt a tug at my heart asking me to choose heaven, and then I knew I had to make that decision. But still I slept over the thought. The next morning I woke up unusually early, going into my living room, sitting on my couch, there, all by myself, I passed from eternal hell to eternal heaven. And suddenly, as sure as the sun shining outside, I knew it, I had been saved.

And the whole of my being rejoiced and I had the assurance, that, was Jesus Christ to return or my earthly life to end that day, I would most certainly go to heaven. After my conversion I was to be changed forever, I began to see meaning and purpose in life. I began to understand little by little the plan of God in my life. I was delivered from every fear that had had a grip over my life until then. My life, which had seemed so empty and meaningless before my conversion, was now filed with love and a definite purpose. I now had peace, my sense of guilt was washed away, I was now filled with the love of God. Christ now lived in me, he was a true friend, whenever I was in trouble he was there for me to comfort me and to strengthen me to face each day. He was my healer when I fell ill, my comfort in sorrow, and my strong tower in days of uncertainty. He would guide me and teach me the things I needed to know. As I grew with the Lord, I soon discovered that as a child of God on this earth I had certain rights and privileges that I could exercise through the name of Jesus.

But even though i knew all of this, sin still got the better of me .Like an infant taking his first few steps, I kept losing balance and falling into sin. In some respects, I was no better than all my unsaved friends. But every time I sinned, I knew on the inside that it wasn't right, and God would convict me.Many times I would break down before Him , asking for His grace to overcome temptation. It wasn't easy, but little by little God taught me how to RESIST.I realized that even though i was a born-again Christian,journeying towards heaven, the Devil was working hard, that I wouldn't have a testimony among my unsaved freinds. I was just 'part of the gang'. But God delivered me from my sins and taught me how to 'trust' on the FINISHED-WORK of Jesus on the cross. He also opened my eyes to those around me.

I began to see the way Satan had inflicted emotional, spiritual, and physical wounds in the lives of people around me. I began to see depression, frustration, lack of hope, outbursts of anger, broken relationships etc as the work of the devil and I knew that as a Christian I was free from the control of Satan, and I longed that many others would also know the great truth that had set me free.

God's healing power!

After a few years I fell ill in my body. I had contracted a disease, which the doctors couldn’t explain. After 2 years of unsuccessful treatment, I decided I had had enough and asked the Lord to heal me, and I decided to trust Him only. And true to his word my Lord kept His word and healed me totally. Then a few months later I developed boils, which would ooze with blood and puss. I once again placed my trust on the Lord and asked Him to heal me. And miraculously the Lord healed me completely. Only the scars remain.

Dear friend I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. I am a living example of the power and faithfulness of God. It’s no fairy tale, it’s real life, it’s not hearsay, but I myself have experienced it. And I can testify to you from the sincerity of my heart that JESUS IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR EVERY NEED!!.

Passion to Reach Ministries