Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

The Man

From Catholicism to Hinduism and face to face with the living Christ Jesus, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj had a dramatic life-changing supernatural encounter at the age of 16. Answering God's call to the ministry at 17, Brother Sadhu,as he is affectionately called by all from around the world, has since then been faithfully serving the Lord God.

The Message

Sadhu's messages, filled with love and compassion, have touched millions of people of every caste, colour, race and faith. His messages challenge all believers to a life of holiness and to walk in the Spirit as yielded vessels for the work of furthering the kingdom of God on earth. He has also been specifically called and sent by the Lord God to prepare the Bride of Christ for the Lord Jesus' second coming.

The Ministry

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is the founder of Jesus Ministries, a work which fullfills a call of God to pioneer evangelistic outreaches to the Tibetan and Nepalese people, among whom Christ Jesus is little or never named. God's strong anointing in Brother Sadhu's life is attested by signs, wonders and miracles. Since 1979, the Lord God has taken Brother Sadhu to more than 40 nations around the world to be a witness for him.

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Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj's  Life Changing Testimony

Sundar Selvaraj was born into a Catholic family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his father embraced Hinduism and became a layman priest.

Young Sundar being the first born male child followed his father's footsteps and became a devout Hindu. He gave himself to the study of mantras and was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies). He even carried the kavadi- a form of Hindu penance, for three years. When he was about 16 years old, there arose a question in his heart about karma, life after death and nirvana. He sought the favours of the Hindu deities through fastings, penances and pujas, to be set free from the cycle of rebirth and to be one with Brahma - the union with the cosmic energy. But all his efforts were futile. After six months of fervent futile prayers, he came to the conclusion that he had been fated to be reincarnated again and again in this world due to his bad karma.

About this time in June 1978, he attended a religious-cum-science lecture at a public auditorium. The distinguished speaker was speaking on the subject of evolution. Young Sundar had great fascination for science and was planning on becoming a neurosurgeon. After speaking for half an hour on evolution, the speaker then compared the science of evolution to the science of creation by God. The topic though interesting disliked Sundar because the speaker introduced Jesus Christ. The speaker said that because of God's great love for man, He came down to earth as a man to die for the sins of the whole world. And only by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ can a person be set free from sin and the cycle of death.

After the message, the speaker gave an invitation to all those who wished to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour to come forward to the stage. Though Sundar felt a nudge to go forward, being a staunch hindu, he rebelled against the nudge. Suddenly, from deep within him, he heard a clear and audible voice speaking to him. The voice said, "This is the true God. Go and follow Him." Sundar was astonished to hear the voice beckoning him to go forward and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and God. He ignored the voice. But, like an auto reverse cassette player, the voice kept on repeating, "This is the true God. Go and follow Him." Sundar then experienced another supernatural experience. The chair on which he was sitting began to vibrate. It was as if the chair was prompting him to get up and go. He grabbed the handles of the chair and would not budge an inch.

All the while, the voice kept repeating. "This is the true God. Go and follow Him". Sundar was now experiencing two unexplainable supernatural experiences. Then without any warning, he felt a real tangible hand below his back. The hand gently lifted him up to his feet. Puzzled, Sundar stopped resisting. The unseen but real hand then clapsed his hand and gently led him down three flight of stairs to the front of the stage.

He joined about 50 other people who had come forward to receive the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. Looking upwards, Sundar said, "Jesus if you are the true God, please help me be set free from the cycle of rebirth." He then mechanically uttered that which the speaker had asked all those who came forward to the stage to say, "Lord Jesus come into my life."

As soon as he said those words,he least expected another supernatural experience. He felt someone pouring what he felt like oil on his head. It dropped on his head and began to flow downwards all over him. As the oil was flowing down over him, he felt a cleansing taking place inside his heart. Like all his sins and filthy nature being washed and cleansed.The oil kept flowing down to his toes. When the oil flowed out of his toes, a great indescribable peace filled his entire being.This last supernatural experience together with the other three experiences, totally convinced Sundar that the Lord Jesus Christ is truly The One True God. He then sincerely gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and became His devoted disciple.

The Mystical Shangrila

The Tibetans are an unreached people group who live on the 'Roof of the World', the 'Land of Snows' at an altitude of between 4,000 - 5,000m (12,000 - 16,000 ft) in far-flung west of China. Tibet is a vast, remote area surrounded by an aura of mystery and magic. Tibet, the size of Europe lies on the great Himalayan plateau between China and India.

High mountains and harsh bitter weather have proved to be an almost impassable barrier to missionaries. As a result, millions of Tibetans are yet to hear the 'Good News' about the Lord Jesus Christ.


They are simple-minded, warm-hearted, generous, very spiritual and nomadic people. Tibetan nomads roam the grasslands while the settled population live in fertile valleys, growing barley and raising sheep, yaks, goats and horses. In the villages, Tibetans live in flat-roofed mud houses. When rural Tibetans greet each other, they stick out their tongues and hiss loudly. This shows the other person that you are human and not a demon, who are believed to have black tongues.

In 1959 China annexed Tibet. It is now known as Tibetan Autonomous Region. About 2.5 million Tibetans live in Tibet and the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan. They are strongly nationalistic, venerating and worshipping the exiled Dalai Lama regarded as 'god-king', spiritual and political leader. Tibetans have long resisted any attempt to bring the Gospel.


Behind their smiles lie a religion full of idol and demon worship -Tibetan Buddhism. Orthodox Buddhist teachings are mixed with the native aninistic Bon religion (Bon is an occult religion which practices human sacrifice and the worship of spirits, gods and demons). Buddhism adopted many of the Bon rituals like the flying of prayer flags and the turning of prayer wheels. These rituals combined with the esoteric practices of Tantric Buddhism evolved into Tibetan Buddhism called Lamaism. A typical Tibetan's life consists of flying prayer wheels, offering of incenses, and the recitation of mystical phrases. The goal is to accumulate as much merit as possible for a better life in the next reincarnation.


There are a few Tibetans who are Christians in Tibet and about 200 in India and Nepal. There are one or two house churches in Tibet pastored by Chinese Christians and a few churches in India and Nepal pastored by Tinetans and Ladakhis. It has proved to be a tough spiritual battle to share the gospel to the Tibetans.

On December 24, 1983, Brother Sadhu had a supernatural visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in the Spirit and began speaking to him about the legendary Sadhu Sundar Singh and the Sadhu's ministry in Tibet. The Lord Jesus spoke to him for about 20 minutes. The Lord Jesus then asked Sundar Selvaraj, "Will you continue that ministry?" Without any hesitation, Selvaraj answered "Yes Lord!" Smiling, the Lord said, "Do not reply hastily! This is a very difficult ministry with lots of suffering. You may have to suffer loneliness, isolation, hunger, pain and persecutions. Now tell Me. Will you accept this ministry?" Humbly kneeling before the Lord Jesus, Selvaraj answered, "Yes Lord. I will continue Sadhu Sundar Singh's ministry." Pleased with that answer, the Lord Jesus came towards Selvaraj and placed a mantle. Laying on his hands upon him the Lord Jesus then said, "I am ordaining you as an apostle to Tibet. Go and evangelize Tibet and her people. From today you shall be called Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj."

After two years of praying and waiting on God, the Lord Jesus revealed a strategy for the systematic evangelization of the Tibetans. Since 1986 Brother Sadhu has been going regularly to Tibet every year to bring God's healing love to the Tibetans.

While praying on the morning of November 24, 1983, in a vision Brother Sadhu saw the words,"NEPAL, GO PREACH." As he waited further on the Lord God, the Lord Jesus spoke saying,"Prepare My Nepalese bride for My coming." This command propeled Brother Sadhu to launch an outreach to the mystical kingdom of Nepal where a strange fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism coexist harmoniously.

Brother Sadhu first went to Nepal in September 1986. From then onwards, he has been reaching out to the millions of Nepalese people living in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Thousands have been saved into the kingdom of God, baptised with the Holy Spirit and healed by the power of God of various sicknesses and diseases.

Since September 1986, an active outreach to the Nepalese people includes :-
Evangelistic Campaigns (Good News Festival), Revival Meetings, Believers Conventions, Youth Campmeetings (Himalayas Youth Campmeeting), Women's Conferences (Arise Deborah Women Conference), Books and Messages in Audio and Video tapes.

The Nepalese believers are edified and fed on the solid meat of the word of God. Many even accept God's call to yield themselves as vessels for the work of the kingdom of God.

Since 1979, the ministry of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj has been marked by urgency. The Lord Jesus Christ commanded, " Go into all the world and preach the gospel" (Matt. 28:19). He further said, " be witnesses for Me " (Acts 1:8) . This has driven Brother Sadhu to preach the Gospel from one end of this earth to the other in order to win as many people as possible for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord God has graciously brought Brother Sadhu to more than 40 nations on all the five continents (North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia) of this world.

Brother Sadhu will continue to work diligently preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ until our Lord Jesus returns. We humbly rejoice and give thanks to the Almightly God for his merciful graciousness and kindness to use Brother Sadhu as a witness for His great glory.

Article used with permission from Jesus Ministries