Greetings to all of you.

Exactly one year ago on 4th-8th August 2004, an historic event and the first International gathering of South Asian Christian youth, young adults and ministry leaders from all around the world was held in Vancouver, Canada.

Today marks the FIRST Anniversary of the SOUTH ASIAN GLOBAL CONVENTION SAGC 2004 and SECOND Anniversary of the SOUTH ASIAN CONNECTION website

We at TEAM SAGC rejoice in prayer and thanksgiving to God for what He has done in our midst. As David declares in Psalms 66:5, "Come and see what God has done. How awesome His works in man's behalf."

We invite you to read the SAGC 2004 Report "Targeting the Second Generation of South Asians". 

Alternatively, the SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and SAGC 2009 slide-shows captures the highlights and reflections of this growing historic movement.

We thank God for a large number of young people who made public and private commitments to serve God's purposes in their generation, wherever God may take them. Our prayer at South Asian Connection is that God will birth many more visions, dreams and strategies transforming each SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and SAGC 2009 delegate and each South Asian Youth and Young Adult to be world-changers and history-makers for the South Asian community and beyond.

It was unanimously expressed that SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and SAGC 2009 was a blessing from God with inspiring examples to follow, practical ideas to implement, and lasting friendships to develop. Delegates were equally impressed with the spirit of professionalism, excellence and organization of SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and SAGC 2009.

TEAM SAGC in humble gratitude express their thanks to the speakers, pastors, mission agency leaders and our brothers and sisters in the worldwide community of God who have graciously attended, contributed, encouraged, prayed for or networked to see the gospel presented to the South Asian community in a culturally relevant, Bible-based and Spirit-led way.

Future plans for South Asian Connection include holding local, city-wide or country-wide South Asian events for youth and young adults in the delegates country of origin.

We give ALL the glory to God for SAGC 2004, SAGC 2007 and SAGC 2009 and South Asian Connection website.