What is a friendship? Dictionaries define ‘friendship’ as a friendly relation or intimacy. Is that all it is? No, it’s so much more then just that. Friendships are made and broken all the time. When they are broken it may be for good reasons or bad. I myself have lost a great deal of friends, and in finishing my 12th year I know I am bound to lose more. Everyone is going there own ways, doing their own things; they are all leaving high school behind them. So I am dedicating this article to the friends I’ve made, the friends I’ve lost, the friends I know I will always have, and the friends that I’ll make in my future.

First and for most, Kelly Pacheco! I’ve known this wonderful girl since I was 2-years-old, 16 years is a very long time! But it hasn’t always been a good time. Our story is one in a million. When we were young we would play with each other, fight with each other; we did some crazy things together and for each other! Cool Girls, picnic tables, satellite dishes, tape recordings, the “Kelica” crew, Sailor Moon and most of all Oscar winning performances, just to name a few. Despite everything, after high school started for both of us we started to grow apart, soon we couldn’t even find the time to talk to each other. Sometimes I would sit and think about how close we were, always together and it hurt that we weren’t even talking anymore. Then suddenly in Kelly’s 12th year she got into an accident she was very lucky. When I found out about the accident I knew I had to see how she was, I called her and we were talking for a good two hours, it was like we had never stopped talking. When she got better things went back to the way they used to be. She was over all the time and we did everything together! I know I’ll never let anything separate us again, we’ll live beside each other until we’re old and tired always adding to our vault! 

Last year I was fortunate to meet three people who mean the world to me, Alessandra D'ovidio, Nicole Pardy, and Justin Bernardo. They know everything about me, and they are one of the few people that I know will always be in my life. Ally; wow this girl is amazing. We have been through so much together these past years and we’ve come out stronger than we’ve ever been. She is my favourite girlie and my best “Support System”! Pardy; I can tell this girl anything, all my problems and she’ll help me through everything. She’s not like most people, she is “Supreme”. This girl has changed me in so many ways, I’m not sure all of the ways are good but I’ll leave that between us. Justin; we have had our share of bad times, but look at us now we’re closer then ever I’m so grateful for our friendship. You have brought a lot of happiness to my life and you will always be my “Radioactive Boy”!

Anne D'Agostino, what can I say about her? We grew a part the past few years, and now, we’ll always be “emo” together! She has helped me so much! And one thing I want her to know is that I will always work on my own show before I start watching anyone else’s! One more thing Anne, always remember you can never change the way hobbits roll!
 Lastly, Natasha Salik she’s my girl! I love her to pieces, although she’s leaving a busy life she manages to find time to listen to my crazy stories, which I always manage to have, I wonder why that is? Regardless, I’m grateful for her friendship, she is a great friend and I couldn’t ask for a better one. P.S. don’t you miss the Pepsi blue?

Now I know this article doesn’t mean a lot to most of you, but it means a lot to the people mentioned here, and it means a lot to the meaning of friendships. Without these people I wouldn’t know the meaning of friendship, the word would mean nothing to me. These people bring meaning to it. Thank you for your friendship! I love you all! “The times when we would play about, the way we used to scream and shout, we never dreamt you'd go your own sweet way”

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