As South Asian Christians, we have probably had to explain or even provide an argument to our friends why we became Christians. Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15, “Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you.” Many believers, especially teenagers, usually find this hard and sometimes feel they are inadequately equipped in presenting an argument for the Lord.

Even so, we should not lose heart. A philosopher, by the name of William Alston, who has written helpful books on the defense of the Christian faith said, “The final test of the Christian scheme comes from trying it out in one’s life, testing the promises the scheme tells us God has made, following in the way enjoined on us by the church, and seeing whether it leads to the new life of the Spirit.” From this, we can be encouraged that even if we are not apologists or scholars, we can still effectively bear witness for Christ. Our lives can be our best argument and hence the best defense of our faith.

We should strive to be like Daniel who was held captive in a foreign land and yet stuck to his religious beliefs by refusing to eat the royal food and wine ordered by the king, consisting of meat dedicated to an idol. The chief official in the end gave him permission not to eat the royal food and just consume the vegetables and water he asked for. What is amazing is that the chief official was risking his life by disobeying the king’s orders.  He probably did that because Daniel’s conduct earned his respect.

I think that in certain circumstances, the best way to witness for Christ is to live for Christ. Being a living example for Christ is not easy. Friends may make fun of you or in the worst-case scenario even decide they do not want to be your friends anymore but I think that at the end of it all, they will respect you.

I guess the principle of walking the talk also applies to all older Christians who have younger Christians imitating them and using the way the older ones live their lives as an excuse for the way they live theirs. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ”. Older believers should be able to stand tall and confidently say this if they had to, to the younger ones.

The words we say, the things we do and the decisions we make all matter to the glory of God and can make a great difference in the lives of those watching us. “There’s no better sermon than a good example”, and I feel this saying is so true. So let us desire to be the light that never fails to shine in the darkness and ask God for the strength to help us live a life consistent with all that we tell others about Jesus. In the end, after trying our best to witness to the world, and leaving the rest in the Lord’s hands, the “good life” is all that matters.