I was born in a Jatt Sikh family. My father taught me Sikhism when I was very young. I remember sitting with my father in deep meditations. But when I was ten years old, I questioned myself, “If I die today, will I go to heaven?” And it struck me that the answer was “No.” I was however baptized in Sikhism (Amrit Chakna) when I was twelve. After the ceremony, I took the decision to live my life devoted to my religion and I will do everything that my religion demanded of me. But it did not happen; I could not live up to the expectations my religion was demanding from me. I began to feel condemned and strived hard to live a life that would please my deity.

This struggle haunted my spirit. I was then studying at a Christian school run by a church. A friend, who usually sat beside me challenged me one day; “Jolly, if you want to go to heaven you will have to believe on Lord Jesus Christ!” and it offended me severely that I began hurling insults and angry words to him but he stood by his statement. Later, in my hostel room I thought for the first time, “why don’t I tell people to come to Sikhism if he or she wants to go to heaven? What was it about Christianity that it can claim so?” The questions led me to read the bible and also stories of people like Sadhu Sundar Singh and others. But I always rejected the bible. Some time later, a Christian friend of my mine who happens to be a teacher in the school as well, told me about Christ but I did not appreciate what he shared.

When I went to college I had everything; I was good in my studies and I was from a high status wealthy family deeply rooted to Sikhism. However, I began to struggle with my inner spiritual life. I had everything but I lacked peace and purpose of life. There was an inner emptiness I needed to fill. This quest in life led me to vices, which became addictions later.  I started taking drugs, befriended bad company and did many more evil.

But nothing gave me the peace I was seeking. Gradually, I became an addict and wanted to change myself but could not. I wanted to be a good student and son but I was not able to. The burden of it haunted me day and night. I was like Paul in Romans chapter 7; a desire to do good but only the bad was happening. In utter despair and frustration, I met my Christian friend and shared with him my struggles in life. He told me to give my life to Jesus and that Jesus can give me the peace that I was seeking. I asked him how could Jesus change me when my guru cannot and he replied simply, because he died for you. That left a stirring and deep impression on my soul. 

Later, I met with a pastor who shared something amazing with me; from 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins to God, He is just and faithful to forgive and cleanse from all my sins.” The verse really spoke to my heart, that Jesus is telling me to confess my sins before him and he will do the rest for me. After learning more from the pastor, I decided to write a letter to Jesus. I wrote: “Jesus I believe you came to this world, you died for my sins, you rose again from the dead. Jesus please forgive me. Come into my life and change me.” After writing, I closed my eyes and prayed this prayer and when I opened my eyes, I sensed a wonderful peace in my heart. I felt that burden of sins being lifted away from my life.

After that day, I began to see differences in my life and my attitude changed. I stopped taking drugs, did not mix with bad company and my dirty books were replaced with Christian books and the bible. I felt a wonderful peace in my heart. I started calling God my father. I started sharing with others what Jesus has done in my life. After some time my father came to know about my conversion and he was very upset by it. He told me to stop what I was doing, stop following Christ but I refused to. When he saw that I was adamant with my decision, he asked me to leave the house. With tears in my eyes, I left with the clothes on my back not knowing what to do or where to go. But Jesus took care of me. I am a married man today blessed with two beautiful children. We are delighted to be in God’s service together as a family.

My Present Ministry

I have a desire to see the Sikh people of Punjab know Jesus Christ. I have started a few churches within my capacity and currently have ministries happening in five villages. There were no Christian outreach in these villages and we endeavoured by working with some Sikh families who have accepted Christ and training individuals as well. We usually place a church in a central location where we meet weekly to have bible studies and evangelism. I have a gift of teaching and preaching so I love what I am doing passionately.

We want to train the believers in these five villages for the next six months and desire to see them bear fruit in their toil. The work is fast but we want to keep growing in the Lord as well. I also have a deep desire to work with young people. But at present I am focusing on these five villages. Please keep us in your prayers; we have a vision to see the word spreading all over the Malwa region of Punjab. I believe we will see many more people coming to know the Lord in the future.