I was born and raised as a Hindu worshipping the idol gods in a village, Kurumaddali, Andhra Pradesh, India. My father died when I was four years as he was witch-crafted by a witch man that was paid by another family in order to kill my family. My mother and grandparents tried every thing to get him cured. They offered the animal sacrifice in a graveyard in the midnight hour with the help of another witch doctor. They took him to mental hospitals and Hindu temples. They finally took him to a big temple where millions of Hindus go to shave their heads and give hair offering to the god of seven hills.

After they put me and my parents thru the ritual of giving our hair offering my mother started crying to that god beating her head against a pillar hoping that it would please the gods inside the temple. Needless to say that there was no response from any of those gods. After my father's death mother didn't give up on those gods.

Ten years had gone by and I was dying as I was also under the curse of a witch doctor. My mother didn't know what to do as she had already cried in vain to idol gods. We didn't know anything about Jesus except that He was the God of so called low-caste people. We never heard the gospel nor ever knew any Christians. My mother, however, felt that she might as well call upon the God of Christians. "Oh, Jesus," she cried, "I have heard that you were not our God, yet I come to you pleading for the life of my only child dying. If you would heal him I will serve you all my life." The God of Heavens had heard that cry and came into our tile-roofed and village fashioned home that night several years ago and healed me. Glory to HIS name!

This led my mother to know more about this God who had responded strangely yet graciously to our need. I knew Jesus could heal the sick but never understood HIS salvation plan for me. God had spoken to me time and again calling me into HIS ministry but I didn't understand why HE would call a young Hindu like me. "Couldn't he find a better man in His own community which is Christian?" In fact, gods should never speak to an ordinary man like me but rather speak to sadhus and sagas in meditation. The reason I couldn't understand God's call was because I was not in right relationship with HIM.

I was working for the communist party and going wild in life in my youthful years and ended up with no meaning of life. I felt that I should rather commit suicide and end up this life that I found no meaning in. That's when Jesus had stepped into my life dealing with me saying - If you do not want your life, give it unto me and I will give you meaning and bring beauty to it. I was under tremendous conviction of the Holy Spirit. Then, I knelt down in my bedroom crying out to the God of Heavens and had turned my life into HIS gracious hands. As I had accepted Jesus and repented of my sins I felt that something from another world came upon me and I knew I was totally a different person. Oh! My life took a different and peculiar turn but a beautiful turn with Jesus in it that day in April 1966.

I have experienced real joy and peace and fullfilment in life thru HIM all these years. The very moment I gave my life to The Lord, the meaning of God's call into the ministry became clear to me. The reason I could understand God's call was because I was now in right relationship with HIM thru Jesus Christ, The Son Of God. I, then, had dedicated myself to the preaching of the gospel. Life has been wonderful as I found the secret of its success thru Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

Pastor G. Moses Choudary Gullapalli 

The ministry of  Maranatha Visvasa Samajam was started in the year 1982 with a God given vision and strategy to reach the unreached  people groups in the country of India by Pastor Moses Choudary Gullapalli.  Pastor Choudary, Founder - President of the organization, is a graduate of Lee college with B.S. and Church of God Theological Seminary with M.A. (USA). He has over 35 years of ministerial experience with a heart burning for the lost and poor.

God saved Moses Choudary out of Hinduism and idol worship and called him to penetrate the darkness of India with the good news of Jesus Christ. He was called to the state of Andhra Pradesh in India with Head Quarters in the city of Vijayawada. God has been using him to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God. He conducts crusades, planting churches, training young people for the ministry, raises orphaned and poor children to serve God & country, and caring for the elderly widows and destitute. Having established all these ministries based in Vijayawada,  Pastor Moses has moved, in obedience to God's call, to Hyderabad, a city of eight million people, in the year 1999. He has been busy planting a church and doing Children Home ministry. He is in the process of opening a Bible School to train the native young men and women.

Thousands of lives have been impacted and changed by the preaching of Pastor Choudary.  As he and his family were saved from idol worship, he is able to communicate the gospel effectively to the unreached caste groups in their culture context . His motto is raising people for God and country so that they can be better citizens serving the Lord and the land.

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