Awaaz Music ministry is committed to partner and network interdenominationally with South Asian churches and immigrants from South Asia in 15 countries of the world


Our family are North Indian Christians from Delhi and U.P. Our paternal grandfather Rev Alfred Haidar Ali was the pastor of the Baptist churches in Delhi, Agra and other towns of Uttar Pradesh. Our maternal grandfather was a police official in U.P. Our mother and maternal and paternal aunts studied in IT College in Lucknow U.P while our father studied in St Stephen's College in Delhi. In 1955, our parents moved to serve the Lord among the backward tribal region in Central India and our dad served as a Hospital Administrator in a Mission Hospital in Ratlam (M.P),while our mom taught in the Railway school and later taught in the Convent school till she retired. We spent our childhood and Youth in Ratlam. At that time Canadian Presbyterian missionaries were working in that part of the world among the poor and underprivileged. It is now under the leadership of The Church of North India, Diocese of Bhopal.


I committed my life to God at the tender age of 11 and acknowledged that salvation is only through Jesus Christ whom God sent on this earth for all mankind. I have strived to walk with Him over the years . If you do not know anything about Jesus Christ or would like to know how to get your sins forgiven and have the assurance of eternal life after death, please contact us. We thank the Lord for our parents who gave us a good education and even through they faced severe stresses in life, they brought us up in the fear of the Lord. By God's grace, I have a postgraduate degree in Economics from India, a diploma from Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa (OK), an hon. degree in Theology and a ministry license from the USA. In 2005, the Lord led the Moderator of the Church of North India Rt Rev Joel V Mal to ordained me as minister in the Church of North India, Diocese of Chandigarh.

My eldest brother and younger sisters and I excelled in sports and together we played Basketball at State, National and University levels in India. I joined the Punjab National Bank in 1980 and began a fruitful career. But in 1983 God miraculously opened a door for me to do my diploma in biblical studies from Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa OK, USA,. Being convinced that God was calling me to full time ministry, I returned to India in 1984 and resigned from a promising Central Govt, job bank and joined an indigenous missionary organization till I resigned in Aug. 1993.

Awaaz Int. Music

God gave me a fresh understanding of His forgiveness and purpose in my life and the vision of a new ministry called "AWAAZ (Voice) INT. MUSIC" came in my heart. Since 1995, I directed my efforts to the NRI community overseas and those South Asians who live in other parts of the world and have served the South Asian community reaching many North Indians, Fiji Indians and Pakistani and have helped many new Indo-Pak churches to serve the community in many parts of the world. The countries God opened for ministry and Concerts, seminars and conventions are Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, England, West Indies, North America, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Holland, Suriname and Australia.

Radio and TV Ministry

My musical capabilities were mentored by Rev Miss Muriel Stephenson, a retired Canadian missionary and other musicians from North India. God enabled me to begin my recording career as a gospel solo artist at the age of 17 with the Hindi radio program called "Masihi Vandana". The Lord opened doors for me to sing in conventions, conferences, other radio ministries like Trans World Radio and "Aradhana". Till date, Hindi-Urdu churches & radio ministries broadcast my recordings for outreach in India and overseas. I am have DVD's which are broadcasted on the TV in India and in other parts of the world where the Indo-Pak community lives.

Awaaz Int, Music team assists Pastors and Churches to reach Youth, Women, Single men and women, Professionals and Business men and women from South Asia. Because of our understanding of the Indian culture and contemporary Indian music, we are able to reach those who have made their home overseas and yet face several challenges regarding their cultural heritage, Christian walk and family life. Concerts consist of songs in different Indian languages mainly Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi are appreciated by the Indo-Pak community.


Till 1987, my base was in Ratlam M.P. In 1987, I moved to Bombay and lived with my elder sister and her husband Mr Roger & Dr Mrs Jennifer Alexander who have always been my supporters along with my other siblings. From 1994 till 2005 my base was in Tulsa and Dallas ( USA ) and later in Western Canada (Vancouver and Calgary). God allowed me to minister and live in North America for 6-8 months of the year, Since I also have a ministry in India too, I returned every year to record new albums and look after my parents (who passed away in 2000 and 2006 ). I minister mainly in the churches in Bombay, Delhi, M.P & Punjab. For the next few months, I will travel to other countries from India.

Awaaz is a Faith Ministry

God guided Awaaz to totally depend on Him and minister mainly to the South Asians settled abroad. They in turn have supported the ministry over the years. We pray for His provision which He graciously provides daily and uses us for His kingdom. As Churches and people are blessed, they support the work. Awaaz does not have any regular financial supporter anywhere in the world and yet God miraculously does some amazing things to continue this ministry. Those who are led by the Lord to pray and support the ministry mainly help in the travels to other countries and cities and in the Audio and Video productions of Awaaz. If you would like to support the ministry financially, please get in touch with me directly. A tax receipt is issued if you live and donate through churches in Canada or USA.

Ministries of Awaaz

1. Undertaking Audio Recordings Projects: Awaaz undertakes AUDIO-VIDEO projects and helps singers who live abroad to record their albums in the best studios with good music arrangers from North India. Every audio recording costs approx $2000 (US). Care is taken to see that it is professionally recorded and mastered in India. Contact me for further details for recording projects in North India.

2. Audio-Video Recordings : Awaaz has a goal to record 3 Audio albums for 2008. Recorded 13 audio albums Seven of these are in Hindi and Urdu , two are in Punjabi, two are in English ( Traditional and Christmas Hymns ). Awaaz has also recorded four video tapes designed to reach the South Asians through Radio & Television. Some of these projects are on the verge of being released.

3. Awaaz team is available for Concerts and weekend meetings in India and abroad: Since I sing in English and 10 major Indian languages and also play 10 instruments, I realize how important it is to learn and train others. Instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Dholak, Tabla and Congos are taught for personal and cooperate worship.

4 . Support Groups and Care Groups: Awaaz has several support groups. Please go to the support groups section and join at least one of these support groups. Our most popular support group is the Prayer support group.

5. Projects Awaaz is also raising financial support 300 School children mainly from poor families and tribal background in M.P. The children live and attend the Mission School in Ratlam.Madhya Pradesh, Central India. 30 of these children are being supported by two sponsors, Sponsors who would like to support a child can do so with $10 a month or Rs 450/- (lodging and boarding). A earning person or pensioner can support a day scholars' school fee of Rs 150/- ($5 US).Funds can be sent directly to the Principal, Mission School Ratlam M .P 457001 India.

6. Projects for Medical and Social work are being prepared by Associates and Team members. Those interested in medical work or social work projects mainly in Central India can contact me


May the year 2008 bring true joy, peace, life and fulfilment in your life as you walk with God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am presently ministering in India and travelling for all overseas ministries. Please uphold me and my family in your prayers. I released my new DVD "Best of Tahira Haidar Ali" Volume 1 last year and have since then recorded 3 more DVD's which are ready to be released in India and abroad.

I am glad to share the news that the ministry and concerts in Holland and Suriname in the end of Oct and Nov.were blessed by the Lord. The Surinamese Indians immigrated to Suriname in South America 135 years ago. They are celebrating their aniversary this year in June as Indians who have kept up the Indian tradition, music, dress code and the culture of India, even though most of them have never been to India even once in their lifetime.The Suranamese Indians have the same background as the Fiji Indians who live in Fiji Islands in the Pacific and have also kept the language, culture and music of India even though most of them too have never been to India. Indians in both these countries speak Bhojpuri and Hindi. Other Indians who live in Africa and other parts of the world also love Indian music and culture and enjoy Indian music specially Indian Christian music since they converted to Christianity.

On Oct 28 2007, I released the new Punjabi Zabur Audio CD called "Khudawanda" to one of my best friends who went to be with the Lord.. It was during one of the three concerts that were held in Holland among the Suranmese Indians and Pakistani Christians. Some hindus and Muslims also attended the concerts and heard what Jesus had done for all the people of the world. I had shared in my previous newsletter that while recording the Punjabi album in Ludhiana, (India) in August 07, I received the terrible news that my friends Kathy and her husband Pastor Arif Khan were found murdered in their home in Islamabad, Pak. This has been a great shock to their two married children and family who live in NJ, USA. Please pray for the two married young children who are going through a lot of pain and great loss. The late pastor Arif Khan was the one who read the scriptures in most of my music albums. I met Kathy and Arif in 1995 in USA and he gave his voice and introduced me in my most popular CD called " " Maufi "even today. It was released in 1996 in a large concert in Philidelphia USA . Many Indo-Pak families became aware of my ministry in North America and in other countries and on the basis of their counsel and support and because of my spiritual parents Mr and Mrs Ray and Peggy Seals I was able to make USA and now Canada my base. The punjabi CD and the new DVD's will be dedicated here in India soon. Years ago Mr & Mrs Jacob and Irene Mal lost two young children aged 18 and 26 years more than 15-16 years ago.Mr Mal is the elder brother of Rt Reb Joel V Mal (The Moderator of CNI) and they live in Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada.

Added to these, several friends have lost their brothers and sisters to premature death, others have been defamed, hounded, threatened by their own and thrown out of their inheritance. These attacks and other attacks on ministry, family and friends going through agony dealing with cancer, untimely death of loved ones, alcohol, abuse and other trials and trauma just show that our enemy satan (who is also called 'the accuser of the brethren)' is never at peace when we spread God's word and do His work. For several years, many many friends have stood behind praying faithfully and inteceding for God to continue His work. If you have a need, please let me know so we can add you to our prayer list too. If you are going through traumatic times and do not have anyone to turn to, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our many friends and ministries in many parts of the country and overseas as well. Many homes have been opened by many families around the world for people who need help and support.

If you would like to consider supporting Awaaz with your prayers and financial donations, please e-mail me and I shall be glad to give you details of how and where to send your donations in USA, Canada or India. The funds donated in North America are tax-deductible and will mainly be used for travelling and ministering in India and for Audio/Video recordings. If you would like to support the needs that the ministry has in India, please do write to me.Please pray for the need of a laptop and a car for ministry in India.

Distribution of DVD;s and CD's : Ministry House in Amsterdam, Holland will oversee all my overseas production in Europe and Piper Media Services in Broken Arrow(OK) USA will handle all other overseas orders for me in North America and other countries. Kindly check the list of albums and what you would like to order. We are in the process of making an online downloading possible for those who would like to just donate or pay online and hear the songs.

For most maybe it has been a year of wonderful blessings and happiness while for others it has been of trial and pain but whatever our circumstances have been, can we truly say that we have been transparent, honest, open, caring, accountable and true ? I have learnt from many years of experience that it pays to be all of the above and even if we are accused, threatened, defamed, hounded and mocked, we stay true to our Lord and to those whom He has given in our care.

Celebration of 135 years of Indian Immigration

On June 8th, 2008 we are going to celebrate for the first time in church in the Netherlands 135 years of Indian Immigration from India to Suriname.

We are People of Indian origin, coming from Suriname and living in the Netherlands. We are a small group of 100.000 Surinamese Indians, 40.000 of us are living in Den Haag, the Queenstown of the Netherlands. 4% of the Surinamese Indians are christians.

Our ancestors left India 135 years ago to work in Suriname on the plantations after the abolition of slavery. A total number of 64 ships crossed the oceans to sail from India to Suriname. The working conditions were very hard in Suriname.

In the 1970's - when Suriname was becoming an independant country- a large group migrated again to the Netherlands where we are living for more than 30 years now.

On Sunday the 8th of June 2008 a DVD will be released in remembrance of 135 years of Indian Immigration, containing Indian Christian songs, sung by Tahira Haider Ali, who performed in Rotterdam last year.

Be blessed and bless others even if they curse or hurt you.

Heart Prints

Whatever our hands touch
We leave fingerprints,
On walls, on furniture,
On doorknobs, dishes, books,
As we touch we leave our identity.

Oh please where ever I go today,
Help me leave heartprints,
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.
Heartprints of kindness
And genuine concern.

May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
Or a runaway daughter,
Or an anxious mother,
Or perhaps a dear friend.

I shall go out today
To leave heartprints,
And if someone should say
"I felt your touch,"
May that one sense be...
YOUR LOVE Touching...through ME.

Author Unknown

Rev Miss Tahira Sherril Haidar Ali

Mission Compound, Ratlam M.P 457001, India
91-7412-230862 Mob.9424-868-125