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This website comment came from Ron - the founder of Masih Tube - I loved the way you are connecting the South Asian community living around the world through your website. After getting inspiration from a man of God like you, I decided to work on a Christian video portal for the South Asian Community around the world… and through this process, I have finished a video portal It contains Christian videos from many Indian languages and I believe that many would benefit from this video portal. I will be adding the latest videos every week in this portal. God has blessed me with many talents and I am using all for His glory. 


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"Freely you received, freely give..." (Matthew 10:8)
Jesus told us that since we've been blessed, we should bless others. We are happy to provide a blessing to others in the form of free Hindi / Urdu / Punjabi Christian songs, music and messages.

We Milton Brothers have decided to take a lead in this area. We will be distributing all our Songs and Music to the entire world for FREE. We will be recording songs (vocal) and Karaoke music tracks per month and later uploading it here.

How you can help us? Please tell your family and friends about this site, please share your experience with others and invite them to come over here and enjoy the Hindi Songs / Music / Messages.

Please do something good today and make a difference in someone's life... God Bless!.

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