The year 2008 is done. Never to come back. The clock has ticked. The bells have rung.

Time flies even before you can think of it! Just when you thought you had time,  a year is gone.  “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day” wrote William Shakespeare years ago. Maybe you struggled a lot in the past year. There was debt. There was accident. There was illness. There was disappointment. There was a lot that went wrong. Now here you are peeking into 2009. You are hoping against hope for something new this year. You see, hope is what kept many Jewish prisoners alive in the Nazi camps. Many died for simply lack of hope.

Your heart has managed to hold onto some hope. The hope that the new year may be different. Or maybe not.  You gave up hope.  You say to yourself, “Well, after all, years come and go. What is there for me now?”  For some the memories of hurt, betrayal, loss of job, loss of love, loss of family are still lingering. Maybe you were right there in the middle of it all. Will this new year bring anything new at all, you wonder?

The heart screams for some certainty. Maybe your heart is screaming for that hope? You really want to hope that all will turn well. You really want to believe that the silver lining will show up. But where do you go? Whom do you trust? Whom can you trust? Who can assure you that your past can be forgotten? Who has the power to bury your past and give you a future?

Government cannot. Society cannot. Church cannot. Preacher cannot. Mom and dad cannot. The rich uncle or aunt cannot. You best friend cannot. Your investment cannot. Knowledge cannot. Mystic gurus cannot. People cannot. Name and fame cannot. Certainly nobody in the world can. Who then can?

Who can turn a new leaf for you? Who can rebuild your broken world? Who can?

Maybe you are at the right time asking the right question? Who can? Who can make this year new? Yes, for the world it’s a new year, party and all? But can it be for you? Will 2009 be made into new year for you? Can your past be buried? Can your hopes be resurrected? Can your lovelorn heart find the true love? Can your empty heart be filled again? Can your life be meaningful and purposeful again? Can you step out boldly into the new year and expect something new?

YES, you can. Yes, there is someone who can make this a new year for you. He is God. He is Jesus. He is the God who says in the Holy Bible, “Behold, I will make all things new”.

God creates. He doesn’t repair. He makes it new. God will do it for you. Ask God. Something new for me, God. I need a new life. I need a new beginning. Claim His word. He is God. He will do something new for you. Hold onto God for your dear life. Eat, sleep, and drink His promise. God will make all things new.  Yes, He will. He who causes years to come and go. He who causes old years to go and new years to come, won’t he do for you. He will.

Now, simply look beyond 2008 and into the face of the One---JESUS----who makes all things new.

Reuben David teaches mass communications at North Central University. He is passionate about proclaiming the message of Christianity.