Hi, I am John Narayanan. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for about six years now. I am here to testify about my belief that Jesus is the one and only way to God. But before that, let me share a bit of my background. In the first seventeen years of my life, I was brought up in a staunchly orthodox Hindu family in India. My family belongs to the Brahmin class, which is the highest caste, according to what they say.

For four years, I studied the Vedas, which are the Hindu sacred writings, in the evenings after school. For two years, I learned yoga. I was exposed to meditation, special breathing, and kundalini or chi teachings. Then I came to Singapore to study. During one set of school holidays, I even served as a relief priest at a Hindu temple here.

Despite my early and steep involvement in Hinduism, my family transferred me from a famous Hindu school to a Christian missionary school. From there I learned the song from Psalm 42, “As the deer panteth for water so my soul longeth after Thee.” I believe that it was this seed that brought me to the Lord Jesus.

I began to study the Bible by faith and developed the true understanding that all religions are not the same and neither do they lead us to the same destination. For example, the doctrine of reincarnation, which is central to most eastern mystic religions, teaches that man goes through cycles of rebirth until we eventually gain enlightenment. The Bible teaches us that man is destined to die once and after that to face judgement as per Hebrews 9:27.

Some religions teach that God is impersonal; the Bible teaches that God is a tender and loving Father. There are many other fundamental differences. It became clear to me that major religions are fundamentally different, though superficially they may look the same. Therefore, either all are false or only one of them is true.

I decided to put my faith in the Bible, by the help of God, firstly because the Lord Jesus made bold claims that He alone is the way to God (there is no other way) and that He is in fact God Himself. It is only most rational to hear Him out first. I learned that many prophecies found in the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) were fulfilled in Jesus. It is clear that He is God Almighty; He is who He claims to be, the Saviour of the world.

I also experienced God in a supernatural way. Six months ago, during a short nap, God gave me a vision of my old friend with whom I lost contact for over five years. Through the vision God told me about his stolen Apple computer and dire financial need. I called him a week later and told him about the vision God gave me. He was dumbfounded as his computer was stolen with company projects inside, his condo broken into, and his agent cheated him out of several thousand dollars. His family, a staunch and fierce Hindu family had no clue of what was happening in their son’s life. This gave me a chance to share God’s love and I am believing God for the salvation for my friend.

Many such encounters, miraculous healings, signs and wonders that accompany the Church of Christ has helped strengthen my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His claim that He alone is the way to God.