Deepak Mahtani, a successful ethnic Indian management consultant based in London, United Kingdom shares his Christian testimony about the events which led him to question the meaning of life and finally yielded his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am from a Hindu background and grew up learning the Hindu scriptures, attending satsangs (worship services) and involved in the rituals and rites of my parents’ faith while he was in the Far East, primarily in Hong Kong and Japan. 

After the tragic death of my sister in Geneva, I started searching for the meaning of life, what happens to someone when they die.  I was introduced to the God of the Bible in Geneva in 1985.  After a prolonged process of questioning and seeking, I accepted Jesus as my saviour in Easter of 1986.  Since then, I have preached, spoken at evangelistic services, written numerous articles, appeared on radio and television speaking about my faith and how it has helped me in my work and my life.  

I have a keen desire to share the Gospel especially with South Asians (Hindus and Sikhs) and business people.  I have been actively involved in my local church in leadership and preaching.  I am a regular contributor to Premier Radio’s Newstalk and Thought of the Day.