Representatives from 99 nations around the world are @ our doorstep! More than 1.2 million of Singapore’s population and 35.83 per cent our nation’s total workforce are foreigners / migrants.

In mid 2009, Singapore's population reached 4.99 million due to the increasing number of foreigners which grew to 1.25 million according to the National Population Secretariat. More than 55% of these are transient workers whilst 15% are students and dependents according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the NTU Student Union Ministerial Forum in Sept 2009.The Sunday Times highlighted on 12 October 2008 that there are now 757,000 work permit holders, 143,000 on employment passes holders, 85,000 foreign students and 6,500 study mamas.
More than one in three persons [35.83%] who was gainfully employed in Singapore at the end of 2009 was a foreigner.

Workforce statistics released by the Ministry of Manpower in September 2009, noted that there are 1,011, 600 foreigners amongst the 2.94 million people who are employed in Singapore making up more than 33 per cent of the country’s total workforce. Of this, the majority are engaged in lower end jobs such as manufacturing, shipyard and shipbuilding, construction, services as well as in private households as live-in domestic workers. In many ways, these international workers are the unsung heroes of our nation’s economic progress.

The Biblical mandate to love and minister to the foreigner [or stranger or alien] in our land is like a foundational tapestry of love woven through the Old and New Testaments. Indeed, this is the kairos time for us, the Christians of Singapore to act - to see the ripeness, hear the cries and gather in the harvest of the nations!


This Seminar Helps Us Prepare Ourselves / Our Churches To Seize The Opportunities To Reach Out, Connect With And Touch Their Lives.

Purpose of Seminar

a.    engage & energize  the church in Singapore to see the potential of the significant opportunities of the global harvest at our doorstep.

b.   enlighten & educate the participant about the array of needs/ issues  of the varied ethnic groups and categories of migrants  in Singapore

c.  equip & empower one/ the local church to go to the next step of reaching  and ministering to the recent influx of internationals here in our nation

d.  establish a common platform for sharing resources, ideas and consultations to facilitate collaboration.

Target Group 

-    Pastors & Leaders of Churches, Organizations & Marketplace
-    300 people

 Duration, Date & Time
     - 12-13th March 2010
     -  Friday night  [7.30 – 9.30 pm]
     -  Saturday morning till evening [9.00am - 5.30pm]
 Cost: $20 [inclusive of lunch & teas]

      -  Fairfield Methodist Church
         1, Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088437

YOU Can Make A Difference! Reach Out & Touch An International With The Love Of Jesus! Find Out Practical Steps To Reach & Minister To The Foreigners In Our Land.

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