Name of the Book:  Destined to Reign:  the Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living

Author:  Joseph Prince

Author:  Harrison House, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Year of Publishing:  2007

 Reviewed by:  Dr. J.N. Manokaran

The book "Destined to Reign" has an interesting title with the phrase ‘effortless success’ which is intriguing.  I decided to read the book with an open mind.  The author Joseph Prince claims that God spoke to him to preach ‘grace’ and not to mix grace and law together.  Joseph Prince essential teachings are in this book.

According to the author Joseph Prince, Christians are destined to reign. Joseph Prince also makes a statement that Christians are destined to reign over Satan (does not give any biblical reference).  Christians are called to ‘resist’ Satan, but how the author talks about ‘reign’ over Satan.

Joseph Prince also states that Christians are forgiven and need not plead for forgiveness again.  This is contradiction to I John 1:9 and fails to give any explanation.

A Christian’s call is not just to family or to missions but to worship which would continue through eternity.  The author Joseph Prince states that Satan tries to condemn believers of their sin.  Truth is known by the number of controversies it produces.  Healing, prosperity and grace are truths that Satan has hedged with controversies.

The author misses the Sovereign rule of God.  September 11 terrorist attack, according to the author is not God’s judgment but Satan’s attack.  The author fails to understand that Satan cannot do anything without God’s permission.  The author has erroneous interpretations that claims God cannot chasten with sickness or diseases or accidents.  The author advises his members to leave their brains at home and come to church.  Again it is erroneous idea.  Emptying of the mind is pagan meditation, Christians are supposed to renew the mind.

The author Joseph Prince tends to equate the impact of forgiveness as healing and miracles which is again error.  The author Joseph Prince claims that John 1 and I John were written to Gnostics, who were unbelievers. Joseph Prince erroneously states that confession only during conversion is needed (and God forgives continuously and perpetually like waterfalls) and not needed at all subsequently. 

The author writes, “the Holy Spirit never convicts you of your sins.” 
This statement is dangerous.  The author states that the word repentance means just ‘change of mind’ and nothing to do with ‘mourning and sorrow’.

Unfortunately, the author makes his theme grace – ‘cheap grace’.  He has not identified humanity problem as ‘sin’ but as ‘law’ and ‘condemnation’.  He has used ‘proof text’ method to justify his erroneous teachings. He quotes certain Scriptures and conveniently forgets the complementing verses.

Over emphasizing any truth could lead to error.  The author has done that precisely and has gravely erred in his interpretation of Scripture and also application of the Scripture.  Christians who are not grounded thoroughly in Scripture could be easily misled. 

I do not recommend this book.