The Lord chose to reveal His glory to my family in New Delhi, in 1998, when He bought my sister back from the dead in a heart rending miracle. In plain words, Jesus succeeded where all our religious rituals, gurus and gods failed.

At the time, our family was under severe demonic attacks. To obtain peace and freedom from evil, we had left no stone unturned and would visit every temple, dargah, peer, pandit and babaji, and, of course, meditating on the scriptures was a routine religiously followed by my mother for many years.  But throughout this there was a quest in our hearts to know the truth, the truth about God.

In 1991, in a college, a foreign missionary gave me a New Testament, prayed the Lord's prayer for me, and left it at that. Little did I realize that in 1998 Jesus would save us when all others would fail. But now, with the advantage of hindsight, I can see how Jesus touched our home back in 1991, when I was given that New Testament. Though we could not bring ourselves to read it, somehow it felt easier for us to meditate on scriptures and on God. The Bible stayed in our home, and whenever we tried to dispose of it, we could never locate it.

In 1998, my sister suddenly fell very ill. Our family Babaji, to whom we would rush for help, said that it was due to vodoo of the worst kind and that he was powerless to do anything about it. He suddenly withdrew himself from us, as if he had sensed something evil and was scared to confront it! "Keep on praying like I have told you, like you do; meditate on scriptures more," he said. This was all a real shock to us but what could we do? But someone was watching - my beloved Saviour was watching us all the time.

One morning, under severe attacks of evil spirits, my sister finally went lifeless. Out of the blue the Lord put a thought in my heart to call that Christian brother, of whom I had heard two years prior. As it was part of God's plan, all fell into place and I located the number easily. When this brother prayed upon my sister, she opened her eyes! We went to a prayer meeting to thank that brother who had prayed for us. My sister was delivered completely, had a vision in a church, regained complete health and is now happily married.

Slowly, as we started meditating on the Word, we learnt that it's so easy to connect with God! I had never imagined that we as mere mortals could speak to God and God would listen! It took a while for this to sink in. We never learnt this in the Gurdwara or anywhere else. But our lives have been transformed only when we came to know Jesus and started reading the Bible. That's all I know and would vouch for - again and again!

My father took some time to come in faith but he was always very supportive and never stopped us. The Holy Spirit works in its own sweet time in everyone. Now my spirit rejoices when I see him singing praises to Jesus!

It was only later we realized that what happened that morning in 1998 was just the beginning of a new phase in our lives,

The phase in which we would discover

The true meaning of relationship with God
Who God really is
Peace of mind - His peace
The joy of praying for others
That God does care and listens to us
That God is no longer an unknown force, we knew who our prayers were being directed to
That all Gods are not one!
That there is no name above the name of Jesus
That Salvation belongeth to Jesus only
That God loves us...unconditionally

Since 1998 it has been a slow but steady growth, and by His grace our whole family believes in Jesus now. The journey was full of trials and tribulations because Satan never wants someone to be saved, but if your heart is pure and you are true, God would never leave you, nor forsake you. Yes, it may have been hard for me to resist temptations and drop certain old habits (not acceptable to Jesus) but nevertheless I am so glad that Holy Spirit has helped us in our efforts, because without His grace transformation is not even possible.
We no longer care what others think of us, and some months ago we started a small fellowship at our home and recently our neighbors, the Gupta family, were saved. Of course, the Lord performed several miracles in their lives, and during this diwali they performed none of the rituals they have been doing over the past years.
My mother, too, is so full of the Spirit nowadays. The Holy Spirit keeps on revealing many things to her and she is so anointed and full of His grace. She counsels neighboring ladies and shares the Gospel and prays for them - and God listens!
There is so much to be done, so many people living in darkness... but we can do nothing of our own accord, we need the Holy spirit to dwell in us 24/7. There is so much hunger in us, so much passion to spread the Gospel and tell people that Jesus is the only way to salvation.