I am not much of a movie buff. But I do enjoy well researched, stimulating and entertaining productions by talented actors/actresses/directors. Fusion of East and West is a growing theme in Desi movies. I have made references to and drawn lessons from a few themes in the book Understanding the *Coconut Generation.

Here are some links to the growing breed of films: American Chai, ABCD, American Desi, Bend it like Beckham, Bhaji on the Beach, Bride & Prejudice, Chutney Popcorn, East is East, Flavors, Green Card Fever, The Guru, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, Heat and Dust and Hollywood, Bollywood 

Coconut Generation has fused food habits, blended fashion trends, merged the East and the West, amalgamated belief systems and have developed a unique sense of identity, consciousness and spirituality. The literature of Indian Diaspora top best-seller lists is world reknowned. Fusion food is served at the trendiest restaurants in London and New York. The popular glue of Bollywood (and its siblings Tollywood and Mollywood) has played a crucial role in creating a universal consciousness of the subcontinent.

Biculturalism is a reality with the Coconut generation. It is no more one or the other. Once upon a time, people cherished cultural purity and mixed people were marginalized and despised. Cultural pedigree was preserved, sought after and enforced. But lately, cultural intelligence in multiple worlds is seen as a strength. Hybrids possess an exceptional ability to see at once both the inside and the out. The in-between-ness has become a place of power and influence. The margins have now become the new center!

Coconut generation will lead us into this new world reality!

*Coconut (brown on the outside, white on the inside) is a metaphor for the emerging generation of Asian Indian communities in the Western cultures.

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