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Thomson Valliyakalayil is one of the site contributor to was started as a small attempt at a combined blog by DeCruz and Ashish. Our intentions were not clear at first, in fact they were not even clear to us. Since we started in April 2005, our site has evolved from just a 'blog' to a medium for creative thought in our community. If you haven't figured out by now-- all of us, except for Bobby, are Malayalee Pentecostals. Bobby happens to be a Malayalee Brethren (although we consider him to be a closet Pentecostal.) DeCruz Pulikottil- Editor in Chief and Co-Founder. Currently a Journalism student in Portland, Oregon. Occasionally writes for the Beacon, a magazine for Malayalee Pentecostals across North America. Ashish Joy- Co-Founder of, a Bible student who also resides in Portland, Oregon. His work can also been seen on the South Asian Connection website. Bobby John- Site Contributer. Thomson Valliyakalayil- site contributor.

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Malayalees And The Media

Thomson Valliyakalayil attended a seminar organized by the Kerala Pentecostal Writers Forum called "Malayalees and the Media" Sunday evening 9/24/06. There were four writers on the panel, who have been repping Mallu pride with extreme class, and it was a pleasure to hear from all of them. The four panelist were George Rajan Thomas - Reporter for CBN News , Sree Sreenivasan - Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, George Abraham - Founder of Kerala Digest, a Malayalam newspaper in North America and Sarita James - freelance writer exploring the art of the personal essay. Read more about the interview . . .