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Moses Ajay Patras

Moses Ajay Patras is one of a kind of guy - rare in these days and times. He is 18, super-passionate about God and the church. He thinks church, dreams church and lives to work for the church. Moses is a member of the Anglican Christ Church Punjabi congregation. He loves typical Punjabi food esp. dhall, roti, cha and ladoo!!!! and has a thrill for driving. Moses is blessed to have mentors and leaders in his life to care and nurture him, the chief of them being his uncles and cousins.

 Articles by this Author

18 and Preaching the Word!

Meet  Moses Ajay Patras - the 18 years old preacher extra-ordaniare. He's young, godly and passionate to serve God's purposes in our generation. Last week Moses preached his first sermon on "Unity" from Ephesians 4:1 -7. Moses says that unity is not just a possibility; it is a divine requirement if we are to be everything God wants us to be as a church . . . and there is no divorcing Christian doctrine from Christian duty! “You know the truth, now walk in it!” The bottom line is this: Where there is genuine faith, there will be genuine works to back it up in unity!