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Syd Vartak

Sudhin Vartak is 26. A writer and editor by profession, he now works in web design and development. He maintains a passion to work among the underprivileged, having spent 2 years working with street kids in Mumbai and Pune, India. His interests are reading, writing, watching really good movies and trekking through the Himalayas. He holds a long standing dream to cycle around the world.

 Articles by this Author

Christian Media: 2007 and Beyond!

The quality of our programming and publication must change. We need quality. We need world-class production values. Most importantly, we need creativity. We need a committed and creative work force that will think differently to get the collective attentions of Christians and non-Christians around the world. This applies to both the visual and print media. There is a need for a modern, young and vibrant language. And let’s not preach to the young. We resent it. Instead utilize us. We have a greater role to play, especially in today’s context . . . Read on as Syd Vartak challenges this young, vivacious generation to bring a tremendous change to all Christian media.