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Earnest Nadeem

Rev. Earnest Nadeem is from Pakistan. He has been serving with a Bible College, and with the Church of Pakistan as an ordained Presbyter.  His wife Maidhily is from Sri Lanka and God has blessed then with a son, Enosh. Earnest is in his early thirties, full of zeal and passion for the Lord's work.

 Articles by this Author

Excellence In Giving

Achieving excellence in everything is man's greatest struggle in life. We want to excel in everything we do—in academics, knowledge, skills, jobs, finances, possessions, business, etc. There is nothing wrong in excelling in these areas of life. In 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Paul commends the church for their “faith, speech, knowledge, complete earnestness, and love” (v-7a). But he says, “SEE (v-7b) that you also EXCEL in the grace of GIVING.”  We seldom think of excelling in the area of giving. Giving is one of the most important characteristics of a believer. When Christians learn to give, they learn to share in one of the greatest acts of God. Because God gives, we learn giving from God Himself.