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Steve Uppal

Steve Uppal was born in Wolverhampton in 1974. At the age of five he gave his life to the Lord. It was prophesied that he would travel the world preaching and at thirteen he committed to a wholehearted Christian walk, challenging his friends to examine their lives and to commit totally to the Lord. They started to get together to pray and to read the Bible. By 1988 the group, led by Steve, began to feel challenged to take the “uncompromised gospel” to others. They called themselves “Christian Warriors.” They began to plan their evangelistic activities at weekends and at school holidays and were soon visiting churches and youth events up and down the country. Through the late 1990’s, Steve’s work with the Warriors grew to encompass a number of different activities. As well as becoming involved in local church leadership and youth networking, Steve founded a training school as a pilot programme for one year. In 1999, he began working on a part-time basis for CfAN as an events organiser - work which took him to Africa, to experience first-hand the impact of mass crusades. In November 2000 he began work as Associate Minister of All Nations Christian Centre in Wolverhampton, England, and in May 2001 he was asked to take on the role of Pastor. At All Nations he has brought a new vision to the church based on a “militant” Christianity that wants to see the Kingdom of God forcefully advanced across all nations. The “three pillars” of the church are now overseas missions, actively engaging with all levels of the community through social action, and the training and development of disciples. Steve is married to Esther. They have four children – Bethany, born in 1998, Sophia, born in 2000, Joel, born in 2003 and Judah born in 2005.

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