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Dr. Sunny Philip

Dr. Sunny Philip was born in an ancient Christian family, called "Kaduvattoor Family," in the southern state of Kerala in India. He hails from a family that belonged to the Eastern Orthodox church for many generations whose worship was stymied by traditions and folklores. But God took his immediate family out of this situation by uprooting his parents and causing them to live in various other places in connection to his father's job. This gave them an opportunity to be exposed to different worship styles like Anglican, Episcopal and eventually Pentecostal. By the time Rev. Sunny was eight, his family had embraced Pentecostalism. After taking a B.S. degree in Chemistry, he came to USA in 1977. His wife Mercy was already settled there. He continued his studies and took a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University of New York. He worked as a Research Chemist, Process Engineer, Manager, Enterprenuer etc. until 1994 when he fully surrendered his life for full time ministry. In 1981, he took the initiative to form PYFA, which is a youth organization that serves the youth in the Indian immigrant community in New York. In 1986, the Spirit of God started beckoning him to his original call in life. After much hesitation, he yielded, eventually entering into full time ministry in 1994. Today, Dr. Sunny Philip serves as the Senior Pastor of two congregations in Elmont, a suburb of New York City; one serving the Indian language group and the other and Englsih service for all nationalities. He is also active in mission work in India, serving in leadership for a group that has planted over 1000 churches in India.
Today, Dr. Sunny Philip has a world wide ministry. He has ministrered in North Amrica, Central America, India, Middle East, Africa and Australia conducting revival meetings, seminars, youth rallies etc. He has written three books and regularly write in periodicals. DARSHAN is a bimonthly publication on Christian leadership and vision based living, published under the banner of Vision International, Inc., the outreach ministry led by Dr. Sunny Philip. 

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See The Answer!

Can You See The Answer? All of us are good at seeing the problems. But how many of us can see the answers? When problems overwhelm you, it is quite difficult to see that the answer is already given. We forget everything that God has already done. We forget the promises upon our lives. We forget the spiritual authority granted to us. Instead of standing up as a giant and exercising the spiritual authority, we crumble on our knees and start crying like babies.Until we learn to acquire that mindset, we will be fretting over a lot of things.  May God help you to win the battles in your life today!