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Stephen David

C. Stephen David is saved by the grace of God and is blessed to serve the Lord in various ways. He lives in Hyderabad (India), with his wife, Chaitanya, and their two sons, Joy and Joe. He is theologically graduated from Trinity Christian College and received his Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Care Counseling Institute and currently pursuing his Doctorate in Theology from Golden State School of Theology. He has authored "Does God Needy your Money?", "New Testament Pattern for Church and Ministry: A Disciple's Workbook" and numerous other articles. He is involved into ministry of preaching, teaching and writing for the edification of the body of Christ and to bring the gospel to the lost. 
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My Name Is Pride

No other topic evokes my attention as the subject of pride. This may be because the Lord has caused me to become more aware of its vicious activity within me. Praise be to the Lord of mercy!The worst ...
Ask folks about what ‘leadership’ is primarily about, the following may be few responses from them:• It is about leading. • It is about delegating.• It is about managing....
Have you ever wondered why God at times doesn’t help us in overcoming our weaknesses? Why is it when we cry out to God to free us from our moral failures, He seems to hide Himself from us, as if...
Last Saturday, i.e. on 13th March, a seminar was held on “Healthy Family Dynamics”, addressing especially on parenting. Although being in an embryonic stage in the field of parenting, the ...
Few people thrive in life without the lift provided by some godly people. My life is no exception. Whatever I am today, it is because God in His sovereignty and grace has used various people, books an...