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Benji Prasad Karra

Benji Prasad Karra is 27 and is a missionary/ evangelist. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and†lives in Andra Pradesh, India. Benji was†born into a Christian family and was raised in the fear of the Lord by his godly parents. However, he hated†Christian work when he saw Christian missionaries struggle with difficulties, threats, hardships and persecution.†He often†wondered why people would†want to share the Gospel when there is persecution. . . . . but God did a massive inward transformation in his life and today Benji has†dedicated his life†to serve God's purposes for†present generation of students at†different schools, colleges and universities.†It is very sad that recent surveys reveal†that not many are wiling to serve God because of financial challenges.†Hence the labourers are few. Letís support missionaries and help expand God's kingdom.† Please pray for me as I make plans for student/ youth outreaches with the good news of Jesus Christ.

 Articles by this Author

What God Is Doing Through Me

God is polishing me and taking me through the fire that refines me. You know it is hard to go through the refining fire though we know that we will become a cleansed weapon in God's hand. Believe me, I recently thought of even quitting from Christian ministry. I have been going through a financial crisis which is the worst time I ever had. I thought of doing a secular job and doing God's ministry. You could be a witness everywhere you work but it is hard for those who are called to be fulltime workers. I hardly get time to do ministry if I do another job. At the end of the day, I am sure that the Lord is faithful and He knows all about our needs.