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Bachitter Singh Sidhu

Bachitter Singh Sidhu is a Punjabi Christian. He is a visionary leader and a gifted bible teacher. His heart burns with zeal for people to come into a living relationship with God. He has a vision to see the word of God spreading all over the Malwa region of Punjab and to see the Sikh people of Punjab know Jesus Christ. He has started a few house churches and currently has vibrant ministries happening in five villages. There are no Christian outreach in these villages and he has endeavored with some Sikh families who have accepted Jesus Christ by training these individuals as well. Bachitter Singh has a passion to work with young people of Punjab.

 Articles by this Author

After that day, I began to see differences in my life and my attitude changed. I stopped taking drugs, did not mix with bad company and my dirty books were replaced with Christian books and the bible . . . . After some time my father came to know about my conversion and he was deeply upset about it. He told me to stop what I was doing, stop following Christ but I refused. When he saw that I was adamant with my decision, he asked me to leave the house. With tears in my eyes, I left with the clothes on my back not knowing what to do or where to go.