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Robert Ricciardelli

Robert & Joyce Ricciardelli reside in Charlotte, NC, after many years in the Seattle area. Robert grew up in Seattle to Italian immigrant parents. They are: * Founders of Visionary Advancement Strategies and Converging Zone Network* Coaches & consultants to leaders in various spheres of society.* Conference, webinar, and customized trainiers for individuals, corporate teams, and communities.* Teach empowered practical living through "freedom from past, focus on future".* Coach towards enhanced relationships, communication, integration, and productivity. * Business As Missions trainers, and "whole man" coaching of body, soul, & spirit.* Global connectors for the  convergence of individuals, organizations, and resources, that encourage, mobilize, and maximize societal transformation opportunities. * Multimedia publishing and productions. They speak at churches and conferences regarding the Kingdom of God, and practical ways to advance His Kingdom into every sphere and mountain of society. We are developing global Converging Zones, where His presence can be released through relational cohesion in individuals and their communities. This will be where many of God's people can come together in a community and have not only know who each other are, but what God has called them to do, and through relationship, having a voice in each other's life. Through their writing and the publishing of the Visionary Advancement Strategies Newsletter, they are able to reach over 60,000 leaders each week in over 150 countries. They enjoy witnessing the Lord set people free from religion and many other hindrances, as they fulfill their destinies. They pray for more kings and priests led by God to transform the nations for His glory.

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I love to ponder the possibilities and creative ways we can please God and serve others. I love to reflect on how things are, and “what if” we changed them. How can we further align ourselves toward His Most Excellent Ways. These are observations and ponderings can be purposeful to challenge existing paradigms, while firming up Kingdom foundations. Many of these are happening all around us, but what if they were not just the exception, but were consistently happening. What will Father do as His children grow up in becoming more like Him? My prayers are to continually stimulate possibility thoughts towards ways that bring forth His Kingdom through our lives.

The shaking and dismantling continues around the world’s systems, within the church systems, and within each of us. False foundations exposed brings opportunity for godly foundations to be established. It is another year of God exposing us . . . . exposing the weaknesses in our systems and methods of trying to touch Him, and trying to touch the world around us. We seem to continue to lower our standards in valuing character and integrity, especially in those who lead. Many have fallen into experiential leading of self-agenda’s, comical methods, and frenzied impressions of His presence. Nobody is laughing any longer, these are serious times, and it demands a people who know the wealth we carry in us, and the God who designed us for so much more. “The shaking we are experiencing today is a move of God . . . .