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Shyju Mathew

Evangelist Shyju is the founder of Shyju Mathew Ministries and has been in the ministry from the age of 7. He wrote his first book at the age of 17. He began to travel outside India for conferences at the age of 17. Ever since then his ministry has touched and healed thousands of people across India, Asia, Africa, Middle East & North America. He served as the Chaplain (campus pastor) for 3 years in Kodaikanal Christian College, while he pursued his bachelor’s degree at the same time. He is a gifted speaker, widely regarded as a prophet of the revival age and has a unique gift to stir up a new love for God as a revivalist. God has used many to build, motivate and mentor this young evangelist. Shyju cherishes his closest source of inspiration - his prayerful and loving mother, Mrs. Kunjumol Achankunju - whose grace, patience, devotion and tirelessness infused a dynamic change in his life.
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