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Benny Prasad

Benny Prasad is a world acclaimed guitarist. He has performed before presidents and parliaments, before the crowds of the 2007 Military World Games, 2006 Fifa World Cup and the 2004 Olympic Games. Benny Prasad has travelled to more than 218 countries (March 2008) performing music, earning him the honor of being the most traveled Indian musician (Limca Book of Records). Where he had once been a destroyer of creativity, he has won renown by designing two guitars (the world's first bongo guitar and a 54 string guitar - the bentar). Today, through his music, Benny Prasad brings the hope in God to thousands of people, traveling to 40 - 50 countries every year. Benny Prasad is a man on a mission with a vision to love God first and to honour Him by seeking excellence in everything, to present instrumental music through recording and live performance that will glorify God and lead others into His presence and to disciple musicians and equip them to become skilful that they may mobilize the gospel globally through music.

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Benny Prasad says, "If I could be made useful, any one in this world can. If my dreams can come true, yours can too. My sin and shame has been exchanged for righteousness and new life by the Almighty God who died to set me free. For those with no hope, there is more to life than what today holds. I thank God that I did not end my life but rather chose to live through shame and failure so that today I'm able to be a blessing to the world. Remember, you are never too bad or sinful for God to redeem and transform."