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Bishop Robert Solomon

Bishop Robert M Solomon is the Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore. He had served previously as a medical doctor in government service, pastor of two churches, and principal of Trinity Theological College. He holds a PhD in Pastoral Theology from the University of Edinburgh. Having written several books and contributed articles to books, theological dictionaries and journals, he was also an international advisor to the American Journal of Pastoral Counseling and sits on the editorial board of Conversations, a journal on spiritual formation. He has an active speaking and teaching ministries in many countries. He is featured in 100 Inspiring Rafflesians, 1823-2003.

 Articles by this Author

Clinging to God

MANY PEOPLE WEAR THEIR FAITH LIGHTLY. They may wear their religion loudly, but in their inner lives, they touch God lightly. Or their brushes with the divine are fleeting and superficial, accidental and incidental. Not so the psalmist who declared to God from his inmost being: “My soul clings to you” (Ps. 63:8). This statement is thick with intensity and personal experience. Here there is no light and cursory touching of God. Instead there is an earnest and wholehearted hanging on to God, and it was with soul-felt and soul-led intentionality. Why do some people have this deep and intense experience of wanting to cling to God? There are at least two reasons we should examine.