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Lex Thakur

Lex Thakur was born into a Hindu family of gurus near Karachi in Sindh (now Pakistan). His father and forefathers were “gurus” of a sect of Hinduism. This Hindu sect dates back a few centuries when his ancestor was given the keys to rule and propagate the religion of this god who appeared to him. Following the partition of India, Lex Thakur's family moved to a town near Bombay, India with thousands of “chellas” (devotees/disciples) who were scattered throughout North India, Pakistan, and a few in the diaspora overseas. Lex currently resides in Manchster, UK with his Finnish wife Sointu and three children.

 Articles by this Author

My disciples would carry me on their shoulders so that my feet did not touch the ground. They would wash my feet upon reaching their homes and would drink that as “anjal” and would meet all my needs/wants/preferences. All our material and financial needs were gladly met by the tithes of our disciples. They also served us in every way possible because they considered it a privilege and honour to please us so as to please god - guru being a mediator between god and them.