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Ashlee Madhukar

Ashlee Madhukar is 18 years old and lives in Plantation, Florida USA. Ashlee’s favorite color is purple and she loves  the spectrum of drastically different activities like performing in concerts or sit quietly by a lake and drinking in the silence or even baking. But most of all Ashlee Madhukar is passionate about singing “like really really like to sing . . . I do it all the time even when I'm changing lanes on Highway 95.” Ashlee Madhukar most memorable performance was in a village at Benur, India in this empty room in the middle of a field in India that was used as a church. No one understood a word I was saying, as I didn't understand a thing they said either but it just had the most beautiful echo effect . . . . though singing at Carnegie Hall, Kodak Theatre, and the Apollo Center in New York City aren't anything to complain about either. Ashlee Madhukar is a visionary dreamer and is ready for whatever God has for her :) “That My Heart May Sing To You And Not Be Silent. O Lord My God, I Will Give You Thanks Forever." Psalm 30:12

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"I definitely want to pursue music as a career, because that is where my passion lies. I have absolutely no complaints. I love who I am and I love what I do," she said. "The future holds a lot of uncertainty in a very positive way. I'm not sure exactly what it holds, but God continues to open new doors for me everyday. I am coming out with a remake of 'One Step at a Time' by famous singer/song writer Jordin Sparks and plan to start touring schools and churches once the song is done," she said. Why the remake? "We will add an Indian touch of beat to this song in pop style for the mainstream audience," she said.

Jai Ho Dance by Ashlee Madhukar