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Santar Singh

 Pastor Santar Singh is a Punjabi Christian and the Pastor of Khush Khabri Fellowship. He was a devout follower of Sikhism till he had an encounter with Jesus and was filled with the Spirit of the living God.

 Articles by this Author

The Jatt Sikhs are a locally dominant People Group in northwestern India.  They live mostly in the Indian state of Punjab, where they make up 42.5% percent of the population.  There are nearly 11 million Jatt Sikhs in all of India. Jatt Sikhs are a hardworking farming community . . . and they hold the political and economic power in Punjab.  However, they are the least evangelized People Group among the Punjabis of India. The Jatt Sikhs need your prayers so that they can know the full blessings of the one true God. Please join with other followers of Christ in prayer and fasting for the Jatt Sikhs on October 4th 2006.

It is unfortunate that evangelism is viewed by many non-Christians as an unwanted nuisance at best and a pernicious effort at forcible conversion at worst. Pastor Santar addresses the core issue here: Are Christians forcing others to convert?

Christianity and the West

Unfortunately, there have been many misconceptions about the christian faith through a lack of understanding. Pastor Santar Singh seeks to address a common one.

I Am Born A Hindu and Will Die A Hindu!

If God wanted me to be a Christian, then why am I born in a Hindu family? Can anyone be born into a religion? Quite simply, the answer is a straight No. No one is born believing in any religion. One can only be born in a family that is of a particular faith.