South Asian Connection

Rev. Dr. TV Thomas

Rev. Dr. TV Thomas was born in Malacca, Malaysia of South Asian parents. Dr. Thomas makes his home in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with his wife, Mary and three children, Victor, Molly and Melanie. He began his ministry as an itinerant evangelist in 1974 before he was appointed as the Professor of Evangelism for the Murray W. Downey Chair of Evangelism at Canadian Bible College and Canadian Theological Seminary from 1984-1994. Currently, Rev. Dr. Thomas serves as the Director for the Centre for Evangelism & World Mission. He serves on numerous national and international boards. He is the Chair of the North American Council for South Asian Christians (NACSAC) and President of the Fellowship of Canadian Evangelists (FOCE). His deep commitment to world evangelization calls for extensive national and international travel to minister to camps, churches, colleges/seminaries, retreats, seminars, conferences and consultations as an expositor of the Word, an evangelist and educator. [Email]

 Articles by this Author

Vital Signs In Global Mission!

No one can deny that a fresh wind of God's Spirit is moving around the world. The heightening optimism in mission circles today for the completion of The Great Commission is not unfounded. There is now evidence of the existence of believers in almost every inhabited political entity in the world. The Church of Jesus Christ has become truly global both in presence and in mission. Here are five encouraging vital signs of how the Lord is continuing to build His Church (Matthew 16:18): Increased Partnership, Increased Personnel, Increased Participation, Increased Persecution and Increased Prayer.

Annual Report on South Asians in 2003

This article has two parts. It begins with T.V. Thomas' annual report on South Asians in 2003 and is followed by a related write up by Pritam Singh's on "Targeting the Second Generation".