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Sam George

Sam George is the Executive Director of PARIVAR International - a non-profit initiative to address the needs of youth and families of Asian Indian origin in North America and to the Asian Indian community worldwide. Parivar means family in many Indian languages.  Sam George also serves as one of the founding directors of Urban India Ministries Sam George and his wife, Mary have spoken at premarital and family events in many countries. They are parents of two boys and make their home in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Sam is the author of the book “Understanding the Coconut Generation: Ministry to the Americanized Asian Indians." Check out this website Coconut (brown on the outside, white on the inside) is a metaphor for the Americanized Asian Indians. Sam George can be reached at
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Deadly Pessimism Of Youth

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Attending SAGC In Singapore

SAGC is a gathering of South Asians from around the world. This time it is in Singapore. Previous gatherings were in London in 2007 and Vancouver in 2004. It is amazing to see the gaining of momentum ...