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Finu Iype

Finu Iype was born and raised in Bahrain in the Middle East. His parents are originally from Kerala, India. God spoke to Finu directly and called him into the ministry full time at the age of 18. Following the Lord’s leading, Finu moved to Toronto, Canada to pursue his Bachelors in Theology. He graduated in June 2006, and has a passion to see Canada turn to Jesus. He is the director of Passion to Reach Ministries and has ministered in various nations including Africa, South America, the U.S and the Middle East. His monthly healing services in the city of Toronto and in the province of Ontario, Canada are a witness to the healing & saving power of Jesus Christ. 

 Articles by this Author

Jesus Is The Answer To Your Every Need!

I had contracted a disease, which the doctors couldn’t explain. After two years of unsuccessful treatment, I decided I had had enough and asked the Lord to heal me, and I decided to trust Him only. And true to his word my Lord kept His word and healed me totally. Then a few months later I developed boils, which would ooze with blood and puss. I once again placed my trust on the Lord and asked Him to heal me. And miraculously the Lord healed me completely. Only the scars remain . . . I am a living example of the power and faithfulness of God. It’s no fairy tale, it’s real life, it’s not hearsay. I am a first person witness to this miracle.

Jesus - My Mentor, Leader, Role Model and Hero

Jesus didn't just speak of healing, he performed it. He didn’t just dislike the devil, he cast him out. He didn't simply sympathize with the hungry, he fed them! He was willing to do, he was ready to act. His words were heard and repeated, not because of their excellence in language, but for their effectiveness in function! Remember Christian, mere words will be trashed by this world, but true authority will liberate the bound. . . .When you preach the gospel it is not mere words. There is ALMIGHTY power ready and available to back the 'truth' that you preach! . . . Remember saint, “The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power." (I Corinthians 4:20)

I am a witness to the great biblical doctrine of healing. My life has never been the same since the day Jesus touched me! In declaring the gospel of the Kingdom, the greatest tool that Jesus used was the power of God to heal the human body. It’s mind boggling and logic twisting how those who were diseased or deformed could be instantaneously healed without a trace of their sickness. Jesus did not just talk, He performed. Jesus did not simply suggest, He commanded. Jesus did not only sympathize with the problem, He solved it. I am Finu Iype and this is my story.