I am at a loss for words. I stopped still. I had mixed feelings. I started to cry thinking about my own people back home.

Initially, I'll admit that I felt a bit angry towards God. I didn't know how to react.

While pleading to God for intervention, it made me think about the cost of the gospel. Living in America, we tend to take religious freedom for granted.

I pray for those who are hurt . . . for divine intervention . . . for strength, unity, and that God will guide their steps and they won't be worn out but will be strengthened by His grace. (As I speak these words, I feel myself stutter).

I wonder if there will be Pauls that come out of this situation. That would be something. Why not, Lord? Why not?

Oh God, please intervene. I plead you to. These are our own people, my family members in Christ and your sons and daughters. Let your gospel prevail.

In your name I pray.


Indu Shanmugam