What to do when you perceive that Christ is no longer the cornerstone. The gospel of Christ is no longer the focus; instead the gospel of the American mega-church culture has taken over.

I understand that not all churches are perfect. They are made-up of flawed people just like myself. Little things, inconveniences and offenses don't bother me. It's the major things that are worth paying attention to. I faced many problems in my past so I'm not easily offended by petty inconveniences.

How about having major doctrinal disagreement with your church? I wanted to leave but wanted to for the right reasons. I pray and wait. At the right time the Lord started a process of transplanting me.

This has been a new season. I'm questioning a few things I learned over the years. I won't get the answers right away but I'll understand it when the Holy Spirit reveals them to me.

I believe he's taking me another direction. I'm glad to be a part of Imago Dei Community church.

Indu Shanmugam