yeah, laugh, you know it's a good title...

went out with my friends yesterday - it feels too weird to refer to them in such a blatent manner- "freinds"

ended up going to white rock, where all the worries, fears and apprehensions flow away with the rest of the sewage in the water.. okay it wasnt' bad, it was actually really pretty, if someone can stay on track and get those pictures to me i'll have them up here soon enough. of course one person was missing from the group as would be expected, and though we missed the appendage and felt incomplete, we had fun- or as much fun as you can have without continual sarcasm, dinner was okay, except for the children at the next table, one of whom dropped her cherioos on the floor and the other lay on the floor throwing a fit and had to be carried back to his seat- i don't understand why parents with children such as these don't leave them at home or go to a family restaurant.

the ice cream on the boardwalk was the best part by far, i've never had such good ice cream. of course there had to be some immaturity laced in with the mature evening, and amrita learned how much i want to keep vancouver free of litterbugs. raj was afraid of the cracks between the planks and kept looking down as if he were going to fall any moment. nav was nauseous so i recommended she look at the bobbing water, and farah, well, farah was making a mess on herself in a traditional farah manner. and myself, i carried my self with an air of elegance as i strolled down the boardwalk- it was farah's evening, but all eyes were on me...
it ended with us dancing the night away.

i don't understand surrey drivers, they drive at the speed limit! whether or not there are cops around, they drive at the speed limit! it makes me worried and frantically looking around for cops.

i'll be finished with two classes by the end of this week, i look forward to it very much, and then freedom! or what you can make of it with 9 am wake-up call and 10 pm cerfew and 11pm bedtime.

youth stuff at the church is keeping me busy with all the meetings and events going on in the summer, and we have VBS coming up and once again i will be doing the drama station- so time to put on my masks... i have the best station- besides the food one but that's only because there's food there.

contemplating my future .... as always