1. started taking guitar lessons again. it's been great and Al's loving it. all those frets i never bothered with all these years finally getting a bit of attention. good times i tell ya. my hands are getting a workout and my callouses are better than ever! not to mention, it's not just about knowing a whole bunch of chords and strums now, i'm actually understanding the guitar. it's amazing! i had been wanting to take some lessons for a while cuz my guitar playing was kinda getting to be in a rut. i felt like i wasn't learning anything new or improving myself in any way. but the true inspiration to quit thinking and start doing came from two really special people--Shannon (i want to lead worship like he does) and Nick (always encouraging me to do better).

2. apart from the above news, there is absolutely nothing worth mentioning happening in my life. Bobby and Bency were over last weekend which was a welcome break from the daily routine of boredom.

3. i wish i was in india.

Benita Joy