I gotta admit that I just love watching movies.

But only certain kinds, mind you. I don't like the gratuitous violence or sensual types. I don't like the ones that inflame the flesh and feed carnal desires. No thank you! But luckily there are some good ones out there. They are hard to come by but once you see one, it is all worth it.

Movies have changed so much now. With all the modern advancements in technology we can do things with movies that we were only aloud to imagine in the past. I have noticed one thing really missing though. Real substance with great plots and interesting characters.

Recently, I watched the new Star Wars movies. The special effects were amazing in the last two. Each frame looked like a painting almost.... But it lacked one thing. It didn't have those loveable characters and those outrageous personalities all clashing. There wasn't that amazing chemistry like in the originals don in the 70's and 80's.

Sure, the originals didn't have all those fantastice special effects but the characters of Hans Solo and Princess Laya and Luke Skywalker kept you at the edge of your seat. What will they say and do next you might ponder. There was a definite plot and a wonderful scheme about the whole story line. But this was lost on the new ones...

Now you look at all the modern movies which are actually using the old story lines and heroes of the past. Check out all those comic book movies like X-Men and Spiderman and Superman and so on. Who can forget Lord of the Rings? They combined the great plots and characters of the past with great special effects. And most of them had vieweres come see them again and again. They kept you coming back for more because they were so good!

Have you noticed that nothing really new is being introduced in terms of plots and characters? There are some exceptions like those Pixar films which are so good. But I haven't seen much outside of that... Have you? When will we see a new superhero who will out do Superman and Spiderman in the box office? How about movies with great plots and storylines like Lord of the Rings? Well I guess we'll have to wait and see or make our own movies in the mean time.