Most miracles don't just happen. We usually have to take the first step of faith to set the miracle into motion.

In 1968 Oral Roberts University was growing so fast that we outgrew our original dining hall. But we had no money to build a new one. Then I had a strong leading that I recognized as being from God. He said, "Dig the hole."

The faculty, student body, and the board of regents gathered around that huge hole, and we all joined hands and prayed. We said, "God, we've dug the hole. Now we're asking You to fill it up."

For seven long months that gaping hole remained just a hole. Sometimes I felt it was mocking us. But one day God began to move, and people started sending in seeds of faith for the new dining hall. Together, we built that building! Thousands of meals are served there each day to ORU students. It's a beautiful, practical building, but it began as a hole in the ground. It started as an act of our faith.

James 2:18 NKJV says, I will show you my faith by my works. Perhaps God is leading you to do something that seems too huge to accomplish. Don't be afraid to take that first small step of faith. God can take that act and turn it into a miracle. Just dig the hole!

- Oral Roberts

His Prayer House