While demanding justice, a nun who was allegedly raped in Orissa's riot-hit Kandhamal district has claimed that she can identify the culprits.

The nun alleged that she was dragged by her hair by men from a Hindu household where she was hiding. "...Two men were holding my hand, one raped me," she told CNN-IBN from an 'undisclosed location'.

She demanded justice not only for herself "but for the sake of the people she was working with." The nun appealed to the state government for ensuring protection to the people of Kandhmal and said the situation had been bad for far too long.

The nun claimed she can recognise the culprits.

Blaming police for inaction, the nun claimed that when they were being taken towards the market, the policemen present there failed to protect them. "...They were sitting like stones. They did not talk or move," she alleged.

She has left Orissa after the incident and is not sure whether she will return to Kandhamal.

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