Most of us do not land in our dream jobs. We don’t get to do things that we love to do. We first keep dreaming, then we move on day dreaming. As the reality-expectation gap increases we get frustrated. And so we sulk! We blame our luck. We point fingers at people. We complain endlessly.

Worse, we develop self-defeating behaviour and live a “wasted” life. some people are “in-waiting” for their dream job. They are just “filling in” for some time. And they keep dreaming about their dream job. There’s no involvement. They are just there. Mostly dreaming. Oh! what a dreadful situation.

Glen Van Ekeren in his book 12 Simple secrets of Happiness at work offers a simple solution. He writes:

” Instead of complaining that you can’t find a job you like, concentrate on what you like about you job. Transform your thinking and design strategies to creatively enhance the contribution you make. View yourself as little company inside a larger one. Hold yourself accountable for the success of your department. You are the organization. What you do matters.

When you are sucked into the quicksands of self-defeating behaviour, take charge of youself. You need to deal with your mental attitudes. If not, you’ll end up wasting your precious life and work.

Samuel Thambusamy