SOME of life's most profound lessons can be learned through stories and parables. In appealing parable style, Ken Blanchard tells the moving story of how a local church can lose its focus and become a curse to the community around them.
In ‘The Most Loving Place in Town’discover the story of two men, a disillusioned church elder and a gifted young pastor, who recognize that their church has lost sight of its number one priority: loving God and each other.
They begin a search, independently at first, to recapture their lost love and then together lead their fellowship in a successful discovery of the secret to becoming a beacon of love in their community. By the end of the story, you clearly see and understand why this secret, so simple yet so profound, is vital and how to apply it to your own life and the life of your church.
This is a must have book for ever pastor and church leader. Told in an entertaining, elegant and easy-to-read way, Ken Blanchard delivers yet another tool to help you discover how to Lead Like Jesus.
About the authors: Ken Blanchard is one of today's most sought-after authors, speakers and business consultants in the world. His managing and development techniques have helped many businesses become Fortune 500 companies.
Phil Hodges served as a human resource and industrial relationship manager in corporate America for 36 years. He is coauthor of three books: ‘Leadership by the Book’ with Ken Blanchard and Bill Hybels, and ‘The Servant Leader’ and ‘Lead Like Jesus’ with Ken Blanchard.
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